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Solution for Testing Bi-directional DC Grids

Today, power conversion applications within EV, solar, wind, and energy storage are receiving a lot of attention. These power conversion applications are often characterized by bi-directional behavior in which the energy flow can take place in two directions. For testing such DUTs, the required AC or DC power supply/electronic load will also have to be bi-directional. This means that with a positive output voltage, both positive and negative current can flow (source and sink mode).

With a bi-directional DC power supply, only one physical unit is sufficient. Previously, a combination of a DC power supply and a substantial DC load were used for comparable functionality. With an electronic load, the absorbed energy is converted into heat. With the latest generation of ITECH bi-directional power supplies, such heat losses are a thing of the past.


In the event of a negative current the power supply will return the absorbed energy to the AC grid with up to 95% efficiency. In addition to charging and discharging an energy storage device, the bi-directional power supply can also be used as a battery emulator to test internal battery resistance (DCIR) and state of charge (SOC). 

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Rexgear_Itech IT6000C Series Bidirectional Programmable DC Power Supply
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