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87400 High Precision 4CH Power Analyzer

87400 series High Precision Compact 4-channel power analyzer adopts the latest FPGA+ARM parallel synchronous processing technology, IEC standard 3U compact chassis with exquisite appearance, widely used in energy efficiency testing etc. of three-phase electrical equipment, standard Ethernet-based TCP-MODBUS protocol, in line with engineering integration; LCD display, touch experience, waveform display of up to 4 channels simultaneously, CSV data export, effective Edit Range and other advanced functions.


♦Basic accuracy: 0.05% × reading + 0.05% × range
♦Measurement bandwidth: DC, 0.5Hz - 100kHz
♦Sampling rate: 200kSps
♦Maximum voltage: Conventional 1,000V, optional 1,500VDC
♦Maximum current: 20A(conventional)/5A/1A, supports mixed combinations, optional sensor configuration
♦Full LCD: touch screen experience, customizable display interface items, and waveform display
♦Data storage: customizable storage projects, CSV format export
♦Perfect size: 3U half-width size, meeting system integration requirements


♦Standby power consumption and power analysis of single-phase/three-phase household and commercial appliances
♦Power, efficiency, and harmonic analysis of photovoltaic inverters
♦Electrical performance measurement of electric vehicle and charging stations
♦Power and harmonic analysis of power electronics, transformer and generator
♦Power and harmonic analysis of inverter and inverter motor
♦Power, harmonic, and surge current analysis of switching power supply
♦Power analysis of lighting and LED

Major Characteristics:

♦Multi-channel: 1-4 channel synchronous measurement unit configuration, flexible configuration of wiring modes for each channel, meeting the measurement needs of various loads (air conditioners, inverters, variable frequency drives, motors);
♦High precision: Using high-speed FPGA + ARM dual-core processing, 16-bit high-speed and high-precision AD converter, basic accuracy up to 0.05%, with fastest 100ms display data update cycle;
♦Wide power: Single channel can measure current up to 20A (optional 5A, 1A specifications available, and supports mixed configuration), minimum power resolution of 0.1mW, meeting the requirements for the measurement of standby power consumption and rated power;
♦Broadband: AC and DC signal compatible, power measurement bandwidth DC, 0.5Hz - 100kHz, suitable for various standard and non-standard sinusoidal waveform load power measurements;
♦Multi-channel harmonic analysis: Four channels can simultaneously perform harmonic analysis, up to 100 times harmonic measurement, distortion analysis, and can visually display the content of each harmonic and total harmonic content;
♦Multi-channel frequency measurement: Four channels can simultaneously measure frequency;
♦Line filtering: Using low-pass filters with cutoff frequencies of 500Hz and 5.5kHz, capable of measuring the fundamental value of PWM waveforms and filtering out high-frequency interference from switching power supply current;


♦Sensor: Providing transformation ratio functionality, supporting conventional I-I, V-V type voltage/current transformers; supporting BNC interface for I-V type current sensors, with a maximum input voltage of 10V, and optional large current sensors available;
♦Efficiency calculation: Capable of simultaneously measuring the input and output energy consumption of equipment and calculating its efficiency;
♦Electrical energy accumulation: Capable of separately accumulating forward energy, reverse energy, and comprehensive energy, facilitating measurements for buying and selling energy.




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