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Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Test Solutions


FCTS-S Series Fuel Cell Stack Test System

The FCTS-S system is developed to provide a stable testing platform for fuel cell stack. The system consists of KDLF series fuel cell specific energy regenerative electronic load, gas flow and pressure control module, gas humidity and temperature regulation control module, cooling module, stack single cell voltage detection module and sampling control and protection module, etc. 


FCTS-M Series Fuel Cell Engine Test System

The FCTS-M system is designed to provide a stable test platform for fuel cell engines. This system contains KDLF series fuel cell specific energy recycling DC electronic load, hydrogen supply unit, air supply unit (optional), cooling circulation unit, sampling control and protection unit, etc. The system test software is developed by Kewell independently. The system is used to test the function, performance, stability and safety of fuel cell engines, which is applicable to fuel cell engine R&D tests and end off-line tests.


HETS-PWE-S Series PEM Electrolyzer Test System

The HETS-PWE-S series product is aimed at providing the PEM electrolyzer with an accurate and reliable test platform. The system consists of primary & secondary gas-water separation unit, gas concentration monitoring unit, gas cooling and dry unit, deionized water circulation system, pressure regulating unit, sampling and control unit and safety monitoring unit. The system test software independently developed by the company is used and it can meet PEM electrolyzer performance, durability, reliability and safety test. The system is applicable to the R&D, performance test and EOL test of PEM electrolyzer.

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