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AWEA 5-Axis Milling CNC Machining Centers

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Gantry Type High Speed 5 Axes Machining Centers

Gantry type rigid structure

  • 40% less floor space required compared to other bridge type machines with similar travel ranges.
  • All axial movements are executed by the cutting tool instead of the work-piece, causing less load on the axes and thus improving dynamic accuracy.

High performance B/C two axes head

  • ITALIAN made two axes head designed for high performance & high stability.
  • A variety of milling heads are available optionally - high rotation speed / high torque / compact structure.

Advanced axial feed system

  • The X and Y axes are driven by linear motors providing low wear, zero backlash and high acceleration.
  • The Z-axis is driven by symmetrically arranged servo motors and ballscrews providing optimal dynamic performance.
  • The standard HEIDENHAIN linear scales ensure precise positioning accuracy.

Environment-friendly technology

  • The GERMAN made hydraulic unit requires only 20% of the space ordinary hydraulic units occupy. It uses up to 90% less electricity than traditional hydraulic units, thus significantly reducing running costs.

Competent after-sales service

  • AWEA technicians have attended TECHNAI OEM training in Italy and can provide fast and efficient after-sales service for the two axes head to considerably reduce machine downtime and costs for our customers.

Super Rigid Structure

Four guide ways on a U-shaped base

  • The highly rigid U-shaped machine base provides shock dampening and extremely low deformation properties. It offers excellent support for all moving members even under high-speed and heavy cutting conditions.
  • The X-axis is supported by 4 linear guideways and 12 sliding blocks, that provide excellent rigidity and enhance accuracy.

One-piece cast box structure cross beam

  • The highly tensioned Y-axis' box structure with special light weight rib enhancements provides the structural rigidity needed for heavy cutting. It reduces the inertia during high speed movements and adds significantly to the dynamic response ability of the X-axis.

High rigidity roller type linear guide ways

  • The super rigid roller type linear guide ways on the X, Y and Z axes provide heavy-duty cutting, fast movement and low friction capabilities.

Symmetrically arranged servo drive motors

  • The Z-axis adopts a dual drive system with two servo motors and ballscrews arranged symmetrically to balance torque and control thermal distortion, thus offering heavy duty cutting with optimal accuracy.

Super rigid headstock structure

  • Two linear guideways with three sliding blocks each support the headstock. They ensure excellent machining accuracy even when the Z-axis is fully extended.
  • The headstocks' multi-layered box structure design is light weight and highly rigid. It also offers excellent cooling properties, thereby ensuring optimal accuracy during long term precision cutting operations.

High reliability ATC system

  • The 24T / 30T chain type ATC imposes no force on the spindle bearings during tool changes, thus effectively extending the spindle's service life.
  • The tool magazine is fully isolated from the work area. The auto door opens during tool changes only, thus preventing chips and coolant from contaminating the ATC mechanism, the tool magazine, and the tools and thereby ensuring long term tool change accuracy.

Advanced Linear Motor Drive Technology

The X and Y axes are driven by contactless linear motors. Compared to traditional motors they offer better positioning accuracy and higher efficiency. The drive system is frictionless and free of wear and tear, thus enhancing the dynamic responses of the axes and ultimately the surface quality of the work piece.

High Speed

• Ample 17,000 Nm ( peak ) thrust European made linear motors.
• Without any internal friction the full thrust is available to move the axes.
• Closed-loop high-resolution optical scales on all linear axes ensure optimal accuracy.
• Axial control with optimized parameters.

Other Servo Motor Drive Ball Screw AG5 Series Linear Motor Direct Drive


0.2 G

0.5 G (Up 250%)

Rapid Feed Rate

15 m/min

60 m/min (Up 400%)

High Precision

  • Optimal positioning accuracy with zero backlash.
  • Free of internal friction and wear the linear motors ensure high accuracy for a long time.
  • The comprehensive coolant circulation design effectively reduces thermal deformation.

Ball Bar Inspection

Diameter : 300 mm
Feedrate : 4 m/min.
Quality : ca. 1,2t

Source by: SIEMEN laboratory testing

Linear Motor Drive

Error : 4μm

Ball Screw Drive

Error : 5μm

Cooling System

  • The built-in spindle, the B and C axes direct drive motors, as well as the X and Y axes linear motors are equipped with a comprehensive cooling system to ensure high accuracy in long-term and heavy duty operations.

ITALIAN Made Two Axes Head

The rigid fork structure of the two axes head is made from GGG40 modular graphite cast iron and can easily sustain and disperse the complex cutting forces imposed on it during heavy cutting.

Models Taper Max Speed Motor Output*2
24,000 rpm
42 / 55 Kw
24,000 rpm
42 / 55 Kw
24,000 rpm
37 / 46 Kw

The spindle reaches thermal stability within 10 minutes from a cold start; afterwards thermal expansion is limited to less than 0.01 mm, even during long time machining.

  • Advanced B, C axes structure
    • Driven by three direct drive motors that provide high rotation speed, high torque and zero backlash.
    • Equipped with cross roller bearings to sustain axial and radial loads from all directions.
    • Disk type hydraulic clamping system featuring agile response and better heat dissipation to accommodate frequent clamping demands.
    • High resolution absolute encoders ensure optimal machining accuracy.
B-axis C-axis
Max speed
50 rpm
50 rpm
Max acceleration
30 rad/sec²
30 rad/sec²
Max torque
1,400 Nm ( TCH-20F )
1,100 Nm ( TCH-19 )
1,400 Nm ( TCH-20F )
1,100 Nm ( TCH-19 )
Clamping torque
4,000 Nm
4,000 Nm
Position accuracy
± 3 arc.sec
± 3 arc.sec
Rotary angle
± 100°
± 240°

Symmetric fork structure

Compact design with low interference

High torque direct drive motors

  • TCH-20F High Speed Built-in Spindle Standard
  • TCH-19 High Speed Built-in Spindle Optional

GERMAN made two axes head ( KESSLER ) Optional

B-axis C-axis
Max speed
100 rpm
100 rpm
Max acceleration
30 rad/sec²
30 rad/sec²
Max torque
1,200 Nm
1,100 Nm
Clamping torque
2,160 Nm
3,024 Nm
Position accuracy
± 5 arc.sec
± 3 arc.sec
Rotary angle
± 105°
± 360°
Motor Output
( S1 / S6 40% )
37 / 46 kW
Max. torque
( S1 / S6 40% )
60 / 73 Nm
Max Speed
24,000 rpm

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