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Fotric 225-L40 Pro Thermal Camera


Special Order Item

This item is special order and is non-returnable and non-cancellable. Please contact us if you need help finding the right solution.

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Industrial Thermal Imagers

  • Professional industrial thermal camera with 320 x 240 resolution, 40 x 30 degree FOV, 1202 F max temperature
  • Includes smartphone Samsung J7 unlocked
  • Smartphone mode
  • Tablet mode
  • Constantly online mode
  • Professional analysis tools
    • Captures fully-radiometric thermal video stream
    • Captures fully-radiometric thermal micro video

Affordable Non-Contact Testing Instruments for R&D Professionals

Temperature is one the most basic physical parameters of interest in R&D activities. However, the high prices of thermal cameras have limited researchers access to this valuable technology. Typical thermal cameras are designed for the equipment maintenance markets, many of them lack the measurement accuracy and in-depth analysis tools that scientists require. Traditional thermocouple contact instrument is failing to meet the temperature measuring requirements of emerging industries such as wearable devices, new energy materials, and bio-medicine. The Fotric 225 cross-platform thermal imaging camera was specifically created to analyze and optimize thermal distribution in research and science applications. Fotric 225 accurately maps and measures temperatures of entire areas at once – working on smartphones, tablets, and computers, across Android and Windows system. It is the affordable non-contact testing instrument that R&D professionals need.

Smartphone Mode

Easy to operate, with simple and clear interface

Tablet Mode

  • Optional Test Bench Top
  • Stable tablet Thermal Camera is designed for precision imaging in laboratory
  • Tablet mode is more safe and steady compared with tripod
  • The professional appearance gives an awesome look

Constantly Online Mode

  • Steady online mode enables monitoring measurement such as new-type plain bearing test
  • Applicable for product decay, material reliability, and other tests requires constantly monitoring

Professional Analysis Tools

Whether on your mobile app or computer software, you have access to a variety of measurement and analysis tools for your project. The Fotric InnovatIR app incorporates standard measurement tools such as spots, boxes, lines, and isotherms. In addition, a selection of adjustable palettes helps you interpret the heat map. Fotric's proprietary computer software, AnalyzIR, contains powerful data logging and analysis capabilities, including time-temperature plots and .csv data exporting.

Captures Fully-Radiometric Thermal Video Stream

Fotric 225 combined with AnalyzIR to record the full-radiometric thermal video with 76800 pixels in each snapshot taken.

How to Analyze and Export Fully Radiometric Thermal Video by AnalyzIR