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Fotric 226 Pro Thermal Camera


Special Order Item

This item is special order and is non-returnable and non-cancellable. Please contact us if you need help finding the right solution.

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Industrial Thermal Imagers

  • Professional industrial thermal camera with 384 x 288 resolution, 28 x 21 degree FOV, 1202 F max temperature
  • Includes smartphone Samsung J7 unlocked
  • With LinkIR APP, you can use it as a hand-held thermal camera with your smartphone to perform inspection and test, create live reports on your mobile phone, and complete a variety of teamwork.
  • Professional thermal image/video analysis software, AnalyzIR can further analyze the data to fully meet the needs of MRO and R&D users.
  • It supports up to 1TB single fully radiometric thermal video recording, which helps R&D users to record the complete data for the entire experimental process.

Affordable Non-Contact Testing Instruments for R&D Professionals

Fotric 226 is widely used in many applications and highly cost-effective infrared thermal imager, with 384 x 288 detector resolution (110,592 pixels, 44% more than FOTRIC 225), a standard lens with the minimum detection distance of 0.15 meter (5.91 inch). Paired with a macro lens of M50, it can achieve the minimum test distance of 0.043 meter (43 mm, 1.69 inch).

Smartphone Full Touchscreen Operation

With LinkIR APP, you can use it as a hand-held thermal camera with your smartphone to perform inspection and test, create live reports on your mobile phone, and complete a variety of teamwork.

Fully-radiometric Short Thermal Video Stream to Capture

A smartphone connected with a FOTRIC thermal camera can record directly up to 1,000 frames of fully radiometric video and capture temperature change processes in real-time with a user-defined sampling rate (up to 5 frames per second). It can automatically collect data without a PC.

Flexible Sub-regional Emissivity Setting and Professional Temperature Measurement Parameter Correction

The different emissivity of each sub-region can be set to achieve an accurate temperature measurement of different material. At the same time, transmissivity, test distance, etc. can be set to ensure the accuracy of the temperature.

Long Battery Life and No Worry of Frequent Charging

The low-power design gives FOTRIC thermal camera more than 10 hours of battery life, to ensure a full day without interruption, allowing users to focus on work.

High-quality Product with Longer Time Online

FOTRIC 220 series thermal cameras use expensive, high-end, and long-term work electronic components to ensure long-time normal operation and maintain long service life. With the bypass power supply design, FOTRIC thermal camera can work long-term without interruption under the external power mode.

AnalyzIR – Professional Analysis Software

FOTRIC AnalyzIR software is developed to meet the needs of R&D users, from the image, temperature and time of the three-dimensional perspective to analyze the test data. One thermal picture will have more details and process of changes than the conventional equipment maintenance class thermal imager to obtain more in-depth research, more reliable data, and more valuable paper.

Capable for Durability Test

  • Original / temperature difference mode
  • Spot, line, box, palette, isotherm and other tools
  • Pre- and post- sampling temperature correction; support sub-regional emissivity setting
  • ROI temperature vs. time curve; ROI+ROI temperature vs. time curve; Overlay comparison of different thermal video curve
  • Plot of temperature along the line
  • Histogram
  • 3-D thermal image

R and D Macro Lens
Independent Lens and Independent Calibration

FOTRIC 220 series thermal camera is capable of 20µm micro temperature distribution measurement

  • Independent macro lens: No energy attenuation to ensure thermal image quality; while standard lens plus magnification lens increase optical attenuation, reducing the image quality
  • Independent lens calibration: FOTRIC’s original macro lens is temperature-calibrated in a one-on-one with the host thermal camera; temperature accuracy is guaranteed.
  • The minimum test distance of macro lens can be as short as 12mm (20μm macro lens). 50μm macro lens can detect object at a distance of 43~55mm. For example, the size of the chip in the white box 3 is 3mmx1.5mm.

How to Analyze and Export Fully Radiometric Thermal Video by AnalyzIR