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Rexgear_GDK-1003 SMT 10 temperature zone monorail air type reflow
Rexgear_GDK-1003 SMT 10 temperature zone monorail air type reflow

1003 SMT 10 temperature zone monorail air type reflow

About Product

10 temperature zone monorail air type reflow soldering

Detailed Description

  • Exterior dimensions: L6300mm*W1420mm*L1520mm
  • Main Color: Industrial computers white
  • Net weight: Approx. 2850KG
  • Exhaust capacity: 10m³/min×2/10 m³/min×2 channel
  • Power supply: 380V /3 x 5 lines 380 V
  • Power: 30KW, 11KW
  • Heating Time: 25mins/About 25 mins
  • Transverse temperature difference: ±1.5℃
  • Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃
  • PCB maximum width: 400mm(610mm)/400 mm (optional :610 mm)
  • Product height (22mm/25mm /on board 22mm under board 25 mm)
  • Transport direction: Left in right out (optional: optional right in left out)
  • Guide rail fixing mode: Front end fixing (optional: back end fixing)
  • Guide rail height: 900±15mm
  • Transport speed: 400-2000mm/min /400-2000 mm/min, Chain guide at same speed
  • Parameter storage: Automatic saving of operation and alarm records + manual operation to save process parameters setting
  • Abnormal alarm: Standard temperature deviation, speed deviation and air running fault, alarm function of drop board, acousto-optic alarm for power cut off
  • Lubricant filling: Automatic manual switching

Equipment configuration

  • Number of heating/cooling areas: Under 10/ Up 3 Under 0
  • Control system: Siemens PLC+ Modular PLC+PID Control Windows 10, Free Switching in English and Chinese Online
  • Temperature control mode: PID closed-loop control SSR drive
  • Transport system: Single guide
  • Transport control mode: Imported inverter + imported transport motor
  • Chain structure: Nickel-manganese Steel Chain Plating 35B Single Buckle and Pin Shaft
  • Guide rail structure: Whole two-section
  • Guide rail width: 50mm-400mm(50mm-610mm)/50 mm-400mm (50 mm-610mm optional)
  • Upper cover start: Electric opening of upper cover for cleaning in furnace
  • UPS power supply: Standby power
  • Heating Rectifier Plate Structure: Thickened aluminium sheet
  • Cooling mode: External air cooling
  • Packing mode of transport: General packing + provincial land transportation
  • Warranty: Warranty period: two years (two years of non-human malfunction, replacement of repair parts provided free of charge by equipment supplier, alloy track, heating module and high temperature motor for five years)

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