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ITECH IT6122B High Accuracy Programmable DC Power Supply 32V 3A 96W


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  • Output linear adjustment, high speed reliable, low noise
  • High accuracy and resolution
  • High voltage rising edge
  • Built-in 5½ digital voltmeter and Ohmmeter
  • Memory capacity: 100 groups
  • List mode
  • Timer function (0.01~60000S)
  • Remote sense interface to compensate line voltage
  • Built-in RS232/USB/GPIB interface and support SCPI protocol

High voltage rise speed

T6100 (86W~150W) Series has fast voltage rising speed and high accuracy. Voltage range 20V~72V, current range 1.2A~5A, voltage rising speed (<20mS), high accuracy and resolution of 0.1mV /0.01mA. Also configured with standard RS232/USB/GPIB interface to realize fast communication speed. List configure can be operated on front panel. This series offer flexible solution to general laboratory and workshop requirement.

Digital voltage milliohmeter

IT6100B series has built-in precision digital voltage ohmmeterDigital ohmmeter: Provide four-wire method to measure resistance, measurement range: 0 ~ 1ΩDigital voltmeter: A 5½ voltmeter is provided to measure the external voltage, measurement range: 0 ~ 40V

List mode

List mode allows user to edit output waveform based on current/voltage with time variations. The list parameters include operating modes (continuous mode or single-step mode), recycling times, single-step voltage, single-step current, single-step time, saving file name. After the list editing is finished, when a trigger signal is received, the power supply will work according to the list steps.

Rear Panel

IT6100B series (86 ~ 1200W) high speed high precision programmable DC power supply is with ultra high voltage rising time, the fastest full load up to 500us, resolution up to 0.1mV / 0.01mA, the latest output waveform priority mode allows rising waveform of voltage or current is with high-speed and no overshoot, which is widely used in aerospace power modules and other high-precision test occasions. IT6100B has built-in standard USB / RS232 / GPIB communication interface and the panel supports List programming, which can provide multi-purpose solution according to customer design and testing demands, easy to use.

For detailed specification refer to IT6100B Series Data Sheet

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