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ADG-L series programmable DC power supply
ADG-L series programmable DC power supply
ADG-L series programmable DC power supply
ADG-L series programmable DC power supply
ADG-L series programmable DC power supply
ADG-L series programmable DC power supply

ADG-L series programmable DC power supply

AC Power Corp. (Preen) introduces its latest programmable DC power supply, ADG-L Series which has 19 models and three different output power, 5kW, 10 kW and 15 kW. Utilizing PWM technology, ADG-L delivers stable output and precise measurement. With CV, CC and CP mode, ADG-L series is ideal for Photovoltaic, Electric Vehicle, battery, fuse/capacitor and third party laboratory testing. The 1000V high voltage model is especially suitable for EV-related R&D testing and product aging testing. Compliant with RoHS standard, ADG-L series is not only a cost-effective but also environmental-friendly DC power supply. It also features completed protections, which includes OVP, OCP, OPP, UVP, OTP, etc.

Panel Description

1 Power Switch
2 Touch Screen
3 Rotary Knob
4 Output / Reset Button
5 DC negative output terminal
6 DC positive output terminal
7 Remote Sense Connector
8 USB interface(for firmware update)
9 CANBUS terminal resister switch
10 Serial and parallel switch
11 RS-485 terminal resister switch
12 Accessory power outlet
13 RS-232/RS-485 interface(standard)
14 RS232/RS485 Interface switch
15 Analog interface
16 Optional communication interface(USB/Ethernet/GPIB)
17 Input terminals

Wide Voltage and Current Range

Preen's ADG-L series has 19 different models with three output power levels , 5kW , 10kW and 15kW. With up to 1000V output voltage and the multiple Auto Range models , the ADG-L series covers a wide range of applications including electric vehicle , photovoltaic , battery , DC/DC converters and electronic products.

Auto Range Models

Comparing to conventional DC power supplies that provide the same rated current at all output voltage, the ADG-L's auto range models offer a wide operation region. It can generate a higher output current at lower output voltage , or a higher output voltage at lower output current. This feature is an ideal solution for both high current/low voltage and low voltage/high current DUT , and makes one unit to cover a wide range of applications to further save cost and space.

Intuitive Touch Screen and Rotary Knob

The ADG-L series employs 5" touch screen and rotary knob to provide intuitive and easy-to-use control and display. Users can quickly access output settings, measurements, sequences and system configurations from the touch screen. Sophisticated sequences can not only be set from the PC but also easily from the touch screen.

Remote Sense Function

In many laboratories or factories, the DC power supply is located a certain distance away from the DUT, and this sometimes causes voltage drop due to the resistance of the wires. The ADG-L is equipped with remote sensing to compensate voltage drops and provide a stable output voltage, and it allows users to have the desired voltage appear at DUT.

High Power Density: 15kW in 3U

Employing PWM technology and DSP-based control, Preen’s ADG-L series DC power supply has 15kW available only in 3U rack, and with parallel configuration, 30kW only in 6U height. The rackmount enclosure is designed to accommodate a wide range of applications, especially for automatic test systems and integrations.

Industry-leading Performance

The ADG-L series is designed for low ripple, high accuracy and tight regulation for simulating different DC voltages. With fast transient response and rise time, the ADG-L DC sources are ideal to test DUT behavior to voltage sags, dropouts, ON/OFF tests and complex DC waveforms.

0.99 Input Power Factor

The ADG-L series is equipped with active Power Factor Corrector (PFC) to enhance input PF up to industry-leading 0.99, which helps reduce the interference on the grid.

Free Control Software

The ADG-L series can be controlled via the Preen Program to configure sophisticated sequences, save/recall STEPs , and generate test result reports. This intuitive control software makes remote programming no longer a difficult task.

Various Communication Interfaces

The DC power supply is equipped with RS-232/RS-485 (MODBUS) for standard interfaces. Optional Ethernet, USB, GPIB and RS-232/RS-485 (SCPI) are also available for better integrations with automatic test systems and the needs of industry 4.0.


Photovoltaic (PV), electric vehicle (EV), battery charging simulation, fuse and contactors.