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Rigol DG5072 70 MHz, 2 Channel, 14 bit Arbitrary Waveform and Function Generator with 128 Mpt arb memory

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The DG5000 comes in single and true, independent, dual-channel models that provide adjustable phase and ground levels between the two channels. These instruments utilize Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) technology providing stable, precise, low distortion signals. Control signals from the user-friendly interface and layout or program the instrument remotely over USB or LXI to improve efficiency.


  • 4.3 inches, 16M true color TFT LCD
  • 350 MHz, 250 MHz, or 100 MHz or 70 MHz maximum sine output frequency, 1 GSa/s sample rate, 14 bits resolution
  • Single/dual-channel models. The dual-channel model supports frequency and phase coupling
  • The 16+2 channels digital output module (optional) together with the analog channel can rebuild the more mixed signals in daily practice
  • Support an external power amplifier (optional) that can be configured online
  • Support frequency hopping(optional) with hopping interval up to 80 ns and arbitrary editing frequency hopping patterns.
  • 14 standard waveform functions: Sine,Square,Ramp,Pules,Noise,Sinc,Exponential Rise,Exponential Fall,ECG,Gauss,Haversune, Lorentz,Dual Tones and DC.
  • Rise/Fall Time of the Pulse could be adjusted separately.
  • Enable to edit arbitrary waveform up to 512 kpts and output arbitrary waveforms up to 128 Mpts.
  • Support AM,FM,PM,ASK,FSK,PSK and PWM modulations.
  • Support user-defined IQ vector signal modulation and IQ baseband/IF source output.
  • Support Frequency Sweep and Burst output.
  • Abundant I/O: waveform outputs, synchronous signal output, modulation input, 10 MHz clock input/output, trigger input/output
  • Standar configuration with 1GBytes flasg memory
  • Plemty og standard interfaces: double USB Hosts, USB Device, LAN, and GPIB (IEEE-488.2)
  • Seamlessly interconnected with RIGOL USB-TMC digital oscilloscopes for loading and reappearing waveforms
  • Support USB flash device storage for FAT files
  • Support PictBridge printer
  • Provide security lock hole
  • Support remote control through 10/100M Ethernet web
  • Conform to LXI-C intrument standards (Version 1.2)
  • Provide Chinese and English built-in help and input methods
  • Porvide powerfuk waveform editing PC software


All the specifications can be guaranteed if the following two conditions are met unless where noted.

  • The generator is within the calibration period and has performed self-calibration.
  • The generator has been working continuously for at least 30 minutes under the specified temperature (18℃ to 28℃ ).

All the specifications are guaranteed unless those marked with “typical”.

Uncompromised Performance in High Speed Arbitrary Waves

The DG5000 Series is a waveform generator combining multiple capabilities including Function Generation, Arbitrary Waveform Generation, IQ Baseband Source/IQ IF Source, Frequency Hopping Source (optional) and Pattern Generation (optional).

1 or 2 channel models generating from 70 to 350 MHz sine waves and 70 MHz 128 Mpoint arbitrary waves.

The DG5000 Series create high speed waveforms with more detail than ever.

Here’s the Technical Bit…

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