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Rigol DP831A Power Supply with +30 and -30V @ 2A channels, an 8V/5A channel, 1 mV/1 mA measurement resolution, monitoring, analysis, trigger I/O, and LAN interface

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With one channel isolated users can reconfigure instruments into any number of systems or applications. Built in V, A, and W measurements make power monitoring easy, but additional wave tracking, timing, and analysis features in the advanced "A" models means there are even more ways to use the instruments. Digital triggering between instruments also makes it possible to reliably combine and connect supplies together. Intuitive to use for everything from education labs to the R & D bench, the DP800 family of power supplies provide incredible value for any application. Select the value models for best price performance or upgrade to the "A" model to improve resolution and add advanced monitoring, triggering, and programming capabilities.


  • DP832A/DP832: 3 outputs, 30V/3A || 30V/3A, 5V/3A, total power up to 195W
  • DP831A/DP831: 3 outputs, 8V/5A || 30V/2A, -30V/2A, total power up to 160W
  • DP821A/DP821: 2 outputs, 60V/1A || 8V/10A, with remote Sense, total power up to 140W
  • DP811A/DP811: 1 output, 20V/10A (Low Range), 40V/5A (High Range), with remote Sense, total power up to 200W
  • Low ripple and noise:
    - DP832A/DP832/DP831A/DP831/DP821A/DP821: <350uVrms/2mVpp
    - DP811A/DP811: <350uVrms/3mVpp
  • Excellent linear regulation rate and load regulation rate
  • Fast transient response time: <50μs
  • Some channels are isolated
  • Standard OVP/OCP/OTP protection functions
  • Standard timing output
  • Built-in V,A,W measurements and waveform display
  • Independent control for each channel
  • Support more advanced functions: timer and delay output(standard), recorder/analyzer/monitor/trigger(standard in models with "A" and optional in other models)
  • 3.5 inch TFT display
  • Various interfaces: USB Host&Device(standard), USB-GPIB (optional), LAN/RS232/Digital IO(standard in models with "A" and optional in other models)

Typical Applications

  • R&D lab general purpose testing
  • Quality control and assessment
  • Pure power for RF/MW circuits or components
  • Power supply for automobile electronic circuit test
  • Production automation testing
  • Device or circuit characteristic verification and troubleshooting
  • Educational experiment


Unprecedented Capabilities in a Bench Top Linear DC Supply. The DP800 Series Power Supplies combine the ability to source, analyze, and coordinate over time on a powerful platform. Protect your investment in your devices with fast acting protection for unwanted voltage and current conditions.

140 to 200 Watt; 1 to 3 channel models available
"A" models include high resolution, triggering, and timing functions.

The DP800 Series is a family of linear power supplies systems with 1, 2, or 3 outputs and 140 to 200 Watts in total.

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