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Rigol TX1000 RF Demonstration board with built in 1 GHz Oscillator, mixer, filters, and amplifier.

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Quick View of the Product

The TX1000 runs from a USB cable and is controlled from the front panel of the DSA815 (or from a Windows XP application). Shown below is the TX1000 configuration for this test. Switch SW1 and SW5 are closed to connect the two external channels to the front of the mixer.

  • For DSA8, DSA1, DSG3, DSG8, RSA5, RSA3 Models
  • Energized by USB; connected with PC for operations and controlled through the program control panel on the PC.
  • Provide 10MHz reference signal output and can easily realize clock synchronization with other devices of the system.
  • Built-in 50MHz signal which can be connected to the input port by “switches” to facilitate users’ learning, operation and demonstration of the spectrum analyzer.
  • 500MHz and 1GHz local oscillator signal outputs with good phase noise to convenient users’ various measurement needs when there is no signal source.
  • Modular circuit design; provide interfaces for users to make separate measurement of any component; enable to replace any component.

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