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SMT Laser Marker ZK-CO2-10 - Rexgear
SMT Laser Marker ZK-CO2-10 - Rexgear

SMT Laser Marker ZK-CO2-10

About Product

Carbon dioxide is used as a kind of laser medium in CO2 Laser Marking Machine. Before adding high pressure to the pole, carbon dioxide is filled in discharge tube, making the machine become active and liberate laser. And then it amplifies the energy to laser processing. 1. High performance RF laser 2. Infrared, Plused gas laser with 10.6um wave length 3. Low power; excellent non-metallic material absorption (plastic,ceramics and etc.) 4. High accuracy, fast speed, stable performance; meet with long working hours.

Compared with traditional in line code-spurting, CO2 Laser Marking Machine is faster, more effciente, better anti-counterfiting and more remarkable in mark. It is widely used in PCB, medicine, personal care, tobacco, food and beverage packaging, alcohol, dairy products, clothing, electronic components and chemical building material to mark the effective date, batch number, classes, suppliers and etc.


  • 1. XY Servo Operation Platfor•Industrial PC Controlled , Modular and flexible programming design.
  • 2. Standard Configured Green Laser( Option Of Other Laser ) minimum carving of 1.6mm x 1.6mm up to 16 characters two-dimensional code
  • 3. Coaxial CCD technology, precise positioning, read and identify two-dimensional code level (adapt to AIM, DPM, AS9132 and other standards).
  • 4. Three Color Light Source: Capable to swap between 3 color .It is easy to read the engraving mark of different color boards
  • 5. Process Height 900t30mm• capable to In Line with SMT. Programmable Board Flow Direction
  • 6. Standard SMEMA Interface & Lan Communication; capable to communicate with Upstream & Downstream machines
  • 7. Dust filter can effectively remove the dust throughout the process to ensure cleanliness and health
  • 8. Active stop, software automatically detects and prevents any wrong hit or miss; the main door is equipped with safety interlock. controlled by software
  • 9. AII covers cannot manually open throughout the process
  • 10. The inlet and outlet are equipped with automatic barrier to prevent laser from damaging human eyes during laser engraving
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