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SMT Solder Paste Printer

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Easy to learn and use High precision and high stability

Starndard Configuration

Accurate optical positioning system

Four way light source is adjustable, light intensity is adjustable, light is uniform, and image acquisition is more perfect; Good indefitication (including uneven mark points), suitable for tinning, cooper plating, gold plating, tin spraying, FPC and other types os PCB with different colors.

Intelligent squeegee system

lntelligent programmab le setting, two independent direct motors driven squeegee, bu ilt-in precise pressure control system.

High efficiency and high adaptability stencil
cleaning system

The new wiping system ensures full contact with the stencil; three cleaning methods of dry, wet and vacuum, and free combination can be selected; soft wear-resistant rubber wiping plate, thorough clea ning, convenient disassembly, and universal length of wiping paper.

Printing axis servo drive

The scraper Y axis adopts servo motor drive through screw drive, to improve accuracy grade, operational stability and extend the service life, to provide customers with a good printing control platform.

20 solder paste printing quality inspection and SPC analysis

The 2D function can quickly detect the printing defects such as offset, less tin, missing printing and connecting tin, and the detection points can be increased arbitrarily; SPC software can ensure the printing quality through the sample analysis machina CPK index collected by the machina.

HTGD Special PCB thickness adaptive system

The platform height is automatically calibrated according to PCB thickness setting, which is intelligent, fast, simple and reliable in structure.

Options Configuration

Automatic tin filling function

Automat ically add solder paste at fixed time and fixed point to ensure the quality of solder paste and the amount of solder paste in the steel mesh. In order to ensure that customers can carry out quality stability and long-term continuous printing, improve productivity.

Scraper pressure clase-loop feedback control

Built in precise digital pressure sensor control system, through the scraper pressure feedback system, lt ca n accurately display the original pressure value of scraper, intelligently adjust the depth of the blade pressing down ensure the pressure value is constant during the printing process and obtain the highest process control, achieve perfect printing of high density and fine spacing devices.

Detection function of steel mesh plugging

By compensating the light source above the steel mesh, CCD is used to check the mesh in real time, so as to quickly detect and judge whether the mesh is blocked after cleaning, and carry out automatic cleaning, which is a supplement to the 2D detection of PCB.

Automatic dispensing function

According to different printing process requirements, after printing, the PCB can be carry out accurate dispensing, tin dispensing, ine drawing, filling and other functional operations.

Detection function of solder paste margin of steel mesh

Real time detection of solder paste margin (thickness) on steel mesh, intelligent prompt tin adding.

Magnetic scraper

The magnetic adsorption blade, replace the screw positioning, convenient and quick.

Temperature and humidity control function

Automatic adjustment and supervision of temperature and humidity within the printing press, to ensure the stable physical characteristics of printing materials.

Here’s the Technical Bit…

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