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Rexgear_Sanwood Thermal Shock Chamber
Rexgear_Sanwood Thermal Shock Chamber
Rexgear_Sanwood Thermal Shock Chamber
Rexgear_Sanwood Thermal Shock Chamber
Rexgear_Sanwood Thermal Shock Chamber
Rexgear_Sanwood Thermal Shock Chamber

Sanwood Thermal Shock Chamber

Testing Chamber Industry

Chambers upgrade constantly, exported to more than 40 countries and regions. Thriving and expanding to become the leading brand in the global safety and reliability environmental testing chamber industry.

Energy-saving design: VRF (refrigerant flow control) technology using PID+PWM principle realizes low-temperature energy-saving operation (electronic expansion valve according to thermal energy condition refrigerant flow servo control technology) low temperature working state, heater does not participate in work, adjust by PID+PWM Refrigerant flow and flow direction, three-way flow regulation of refrigeration pipeline, cold bypass pipeline and hot bypass pipeline to achieve automatic constant temperature to the working chamber. This method can reduce energy consumption by 30% under low temperature conditions.

Three-zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber -General introduction

High low temperature(Three Zone)Thermal shock chamber is consist of High temperature test area(Pre-heating area), Low temperature test area(Pre-cooling)area and test area(RT), adopt independent wind path switching mode to transfer hot and cold air to test area make sure the high low temperature swift, the test sample shall not move during the test. The test chaber is suitable for the examination of the whole set of products, components, parts and materials subjected to rapid changes in temperature. The temperature impact test chamber are used in a shortest time to evaluate the test samples due to thermal expansion and contraction caused by the changes of chemical or physical damage. materials industry .

Three-zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber -Product Feature:

  • Three-zone Thermal Shock Chamber Modern design, latest modular creation technology ,perfect control power.
  • The Thermal Shock Test Chamber will automatically defroste after it cycle for 700H or more
  • Patent design initiative observation window to achieve visual effects
  • Color screen 32 control system Ethernet E management, USB data access, APP mobile platform management
  • Programmable load power 4 ON/OFF output control, to protect the products safety
  • Unique air circulation system
  • Unique anti condensation function and over temperature, breezeless, smoke protection function
  • Can expand the network video monitoring function, and data test synchronization
  • The most environmentally friendly refrigeration capacity control, energy saving and fast rising/cooling temperature rate
  • Auto return to room temperature setting
  • Diagnostic system for information on operating times and possible failures.
  • The device can expand the remote service function and provide the machine using a mathematical disc

Three-zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber- Product accessories

  • Standard equipment
  • Test product load power supply 3 groups
  • Each side of the left and right side has a 50mm Pin hole
  • Stainless steel sample holder 2 PCS
  • Pin hole silicone plug 2 PCS
  • Compressed air drying filter

Three-zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber -Optional equipment

  • Isolated transducer, Protection device for testing product ( Sample protection to meet the standards NE60519-2.1993)
  • 100mm diameter Pin hole
  • Nitrogen auxiliary device
  • Spare parts package
  • E management and Networking software
  • Video monitoring system
  • APP mobile platform management

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