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SMT Wave soldering machine - Rexgear
SMT Wave soldering machine - Rexgear
SMT Wave soldering machine - Rexgear
SMT Wave soldering machine - Rexgear

SMT Wave soldering machine


The CM Series of-highend lead-free wave soldering, expert at dealing with productions problems

Spray external, safety, cost, space and maintenance problems resolved

  • Spray external combined the advantages of inner and independent spray, the spray and machine can be integrated control, no increase in costs
  • Spray away from preheating zone, it will aviod fire hazard
  • Inside the furnace body from recipient flux disturbance, electricity box safe and clean
  • For four preheating save space and reduce the use of front conveyor
  • Tuned rail of spray can take the place of connection
  • Flyx nozzle with panasonic servo motor, ensure uniform flux coating

New scheme of preheating

  • The top is heated by hot air convection to ensure that the preheating is fully uniform (option).
  • The top and bottom of the preheating reduces the energy loss and the heat transfer to PCB, it can ensure that the assembly of the multilayer circuit board dense high heat, through hole device, good infiltration effect, to ensure that even the entire PCB mulilayer copper plated through hol filling to make the right amount of solder
  • The hot air preheating u-shaped heat pipes long sevirce life, reduce maintenance downtime.
  • Internal reinforcement insulation plus optional external mesaure can effectively reduce the heat loss, energy saving up to 20% compare with original equipment
  • Low equipment surface temperature optimized work environment.

The large promotion of solder pot

  • Fixed nozzle end, calibration table shows wave Angle, process is more stable
  • Nozzle quick released, reduce maintenance time, 2 hours to a few minutes.
  • Gird type of mesh, reduce the mesh plug tin, mobthly maintenance extended six months.
  • Optional tin supply device, reduce the influence of wace height by the change of tin surface.
  • Optional solder splashed reduction device, slag reduce to 1 kg/8h or less (peaks around 10mm no-load test)

Innovative intelligent wave soldering software

  • The 4S Maintenance
  • Tips the standby mode
  • The innovative motor control technology
  • For four preheating save space aIt can be traced back to nature of Cheng Souding (optional) nd reduce the use of front conveyor
  • The compatible client MES system (optional)

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