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Portable Lithium Battery Test Solution - Rexgear
Portable Lithium Battery Test Solution - Rexgear

Portable Lithium Battery Test Solution

Lithium battery has been widely used in life and in industrial productions. Since 2007 when Apple issued its smart phones and then the tablet computers, we have come to a world of intelligent time, the popularization of portable devices such as smart phones and tablet computers, promote the great sales of lithium batteries. For lithium battery which is used in mobile communications, whether it can pass the rigorous tests and to be found as reliable, whether it can be used safely and has a long life, for all the above questions, are not only the challenges faced by the Lithium battery R&D engineers but also are very important elements that engineers need to consider when selecting a appropriate battery. Itech IT6412 brings the latest lithium battery safety test solutions. It can safely and efficiently help to test portable and wearable devices’ lithium batteries in all aspects such as tests of recycled charge-discharge, protection functions, battery protection boards and etc. 

Charge-discharge recycling test

    Lithium battery charging can be divided into two stages: CC charging, it will turn to CV when It is close to end. Charge by 800mA (charge rate 1C) by CC, the battery’s voltage will rise in a big slope at the beginning stage; when voltage is near 4.2V, it will become 4.2V CV charging, the current gradually descends, there’s no big voltage variation. When charging current reduces to 1/10C (around 80mA), it will be regarded as close to full, you may stop charging. Lithium battery has demanding charging requirements, and need to ensure that the voltage stop accuracy is within 1%. Lithium battery discharging tests requires us to test under different temperatures, observe battery change, record battery capacity.

Portable Lithium Battery Test

Charge-Discharge Cycle Test

Lithium battery will be charged with constant current initially. After detecting battery has reached 80% state of charge, power supply will change to CV mode to charge. Make sure the accuracy of stop voltage is within 1%. The discharge test is executed under different temperature, and the battery capacity will be recorded.

ITECH IT6412 dual channel bipolar DC power supply can excute charge anddischarge at the same time. The voltage, current and charged/ dischargedcapacity of battery can be observed and the charge/ discharge curve will bedisplayed on screen.

Lithium Battery Protection Test

The changes and response time under over-charge, over-discharge and short conditions will be measured. The instant time of over protection and short response time normally are hundredth μs level. The request to DC supply response speed is very strict.ITECH IT6412 dual channel bipolar DC power supply is with ultrafast dynamic response. The response time is less than 50 μs when 50%~100% load recover to 50 mV.

Lithium Protection Panel Test

The protection panel is to guarantee the steady charge/ discharge of lithium battery pack in serial connection, prolong the lifespan of battery.ITECH IT6412 dual channel bipolar DC power supply has the function of battery simulation that the output resistance can be set from 0-1 Ω,and .csv file can be imported to simulate a user-defined battery. Ultrafast dynamic response time with fast A/D sampling rate, ensures accuratetest of protection time. The readback current resolution is up to 100 nA, capable of measuring micro current.

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