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RX9000 Automation Software - Rexgear
RX9000 Automation Software - Rexgear

RX9000 Automation Software

Welcome to the future of testing with our flexible RX9000 Software Platform – a comprehensive solution designed to elevate your testing processes. Below is a detailed breakdown of the core modules that make our RX9000 Software Platform a robust and versatile tool for R&D, Production, Manufacturing, Test Benches and Quality Assurance Departments.

RX9000 Software Platform Architecture is designed to provide a robust and modular testing environment, offering a seamless experience for their users. It has been designed to facilitate scalability, flexibility and integration, ensuring adaptability to diverse project requirements.

Product Features

♦ Scalability: Grow with confidence, from R&D Test Benches and Test Systems, Design Verification, Incoming Inspection, Quality Assurance all the way to Production-Level applications.
♦Usability: A user-friendly interface ensures quick adoption and increased productivity.
♦Multi-Thread Structure: A multi-thread structure provides measuring data in multiple stations at the same time
♦Script and Project: Each scrip can have their own testing sequences and each project can have multiple different testing scripts that allow test engineers to test their products with different combination recipes.
♦Configurable Hardware: Ability to add new ITECH AC power supplies, DC power supplies, Electronic Load, REXGEAR environmental chambers and other 3rd part instrumentation products.
♦Intuition: Intuitive user interface to add/remove/adjust the test sequence that optimizes flexibility and intuitiveness
♦User Define Variable: User define variable for put the logic control in the testing sequences
♦Debug Mode: Project can run in debug mode and allow engineers to debug on each step.
♦Database Support: Continuous measurement collection, monitoring, and archiving to database automatically.
♦CAN Communication: Support CAN bus read/write and .dbc file
♦LAN Based Instrumentation: Configure hardware instrument by Ethernet interface


RX9000 is a software platform ideally suited for test applications running in the production lines or laboratories. It allows test engineers can quickly setup the test environment according to the test requirements and testing sequences. It allows the creation of complex, dynamic test sequences without requiring the skills of a programmer. The measurements data can generate by the report automatically or archived for review and analysis after testing has been completed. RX9000 is available with ITECH AC power supplies, DC power supplies, Regenerative Grid Simulator, Electronic Load, REXGEAR environmental chambers and other 3rd party instrumentation.


Script Editor- Precision Scripting for Comprehensive Test Scenarios

The Script Editor module under the RX9000 Software Platform is the main building block for scripting different test scripts. This module allows the Test Engineer to send one specific or a combination of commands under a single line for an s instrument, enabling Test Engineers to create complex and dynamic scenarios with efficiency and accuracy.

The Script Editor module also allows the creation your own variables, they can be either “Set” variables or “Result” variables thus creating versatility and future usability for other Test Projects.


Project Editor – Testing Efficiently

The Project Editor module under the RX9000 Software Platform provides a centralized hub to sequence all your Tests. The Project Editor module also allows to have specific Start Tests before going into full functional tests like initial instrument setup, safety safeguards or any type of custom setup you’d like to create as well as End Tests like data correlation, final instrument conditions, safely disconnecting harnesses or fixtures or any specific tasks you want the system to perform once you are done with batch testing.

The Project Editor module allows each Project to be linked to one or multiple Reports for different purposes such as Engineering, Production, Quality Assurance, Repair or End Customer reports, as an example; each one can have its own format and designed specifically for each recipient’s needs.

The Project Editor module also keeps track of Version Control with Creation Time, Last Edit Time, Version Number or Code and test description.


Start Test – Test Execution with One-Click Precision

The Start Test module simplifies test initiation, offering a streamlined process for executing individual tests or entire test suites under Engineering Mode for debugging or Production Tests. This module ensures that the testing process begins promptly and orchestrates the flow, providing a reliable foundation for consistent and reproducible test execution.

The Start Test module allows you to start the test by a click of a button, a pre-defined keystroke in your keyboard, 1D or 2D barcode scanner, also allowing you to stop and pause the test at any point during Engineering Tests.

It also provides General Information such as Date, Time, User ID, Model Name, Serial Number, Yield, Test Count and Fail Count, Individual Test Script Pass / Fail indicator, Test Project Pass / Fail indicator as well as optional Automatic Report Generation.


Report Editor – Insightful Analysis and Reporting for Informed Decision-Making

The Report Editor module transforms raw test data into comprehensive, visually appealing reports. With customizable templates and visualization tools in Excel provides stakeholders with actionable insights, fostering informed decision-making based on a rich analysis of testing outcomes.

The Report Editor module under RX9000 Software Platform allows you to manage all your reports off one screen, insert variables into specific Excel Cells, create step specific reports or global reports from your Project, create step specific reports or global Shop Floor reports.


Debug Mode and CAN Bus Communication

In the debug mode, it allows the engineers to run the scrip in single step and pause the testing step in order to find out the possible errors. RX9000 also includes the CAN bus communication that allows you to communicate with external BMS via CAN bus and import the .dbc file for the definition.


Hardware Support

RX9000 software Instrument module allows test engineers to fully control the system configuration under their test environment. RX9000 Software Platform offers full compatibility with ITECH and REXGEAR thermal chambers plus a wide variety of 3rd party instruments and devices. Its flexibility ensures comprehensive testing scenarios tailored to your own project requirements.