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Power Hardware in the Loop (PHIL) Application



Power hardware in the loop, PHIL realizes the extension of signal level real-time simulation to power level. It can flexibly change the system topology, simulate various working conditions, and solve the problems caused by the system building and testing difficulties. Power hardware-in-the-loop testing can test real power devices, such as energy storage equipment, PV devices, wind turbines, generators, EV motor drives, electric motors, and networks composed of the above devices.


Battery Pack Test Solutions

• Four quadrant power amplifier
• Master-slave current sharing, parallel up to 960kVA
• Bandwidth up to 2.4kHz
• Latency time≤ 65μs
• The fastest rising/falling speed can reach 2.5V/μs
• Support single phase/three phase/reverse phase
• Output modes : AC/DC/AC+DC/DC+AC
• Provide rich trigger configurations to realize data
• collection and simulation functions


Model Selections


AC / DC Load Mode


RLC Load Simulation


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