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HETS-PWE-S Series PEM Electrolyzer Test System - Rexgear
HETS-PWE-S Series PEM Electrolyzer Test System - Rexgear
HETS-PWE-S Series PEM Electrolyzer Test System - Rexgear
HETS-PWE-S Series PEM Electrolyzer Test System - Rexgear

HETS-PWE-S Series PEM Electrolyzer Test System

The HETS-PWE-S series product is aimed at providing the PEM electrolyzer with an accurate and reliable test platform. The system consists of primary & secondary gas-water separation unit, gas concentration monitoring unit, gas cooling and dry unit, deionized water circulation system, pressure regulating unit, sampling and control unit and safety monitoring unit. The system test software independently developed by the company is used and it can meet PEM electrolyzer performance, durability, reliability and safety test. The system is applicable to the R&D, performance test and EOL test of PEM electrolyzer.


Product Features

♦ Hydrogen & oxygen automatic back pressure control.
♦Quick temperature adjust function.
♦10%~150% wide power range control capability.
♦Multiple operating modes (CV/CC/CP), with voltage, current and power monitoring and over-limit protection function.
♦Cell voltage monitoring.
♦Efficient gas-water separator design, including cooling, drying, filtering.
♦High accuracy of gas flow control, nitrogen purging, online monitoring of gas concentration, automatic DI-water replishment, coolant flow regulation, etc.
♦A variety of safety protection measures.
♦Data recording and analysis capacities.
♦Supports long periods unattended work.

System Diagram


Test Items


Bench Type


Safety Protection

1) The system pipeline material selection and design construction are performed in accordance with Hydrogen Station Design Specification (GB50177-2005), and the foreign brand or domestic high-quality brand valve, pipeline and pipe fitting are adopted to completely eradicate the hydrogen brittleness and ensure the usage safety.

2) The electrical system parts in the test system cover solenoid valve, hydrogen concentration detector and sound and light alarm device, the emergency exhaust fan and other equipment with explosive-proof grade being IIC T4 and above are chosen to ensure compliance with the requirements of Code for Design of Electrical Installations in Explosive Atmospheres (GB50058) and Hydrogen Station Design Specification (GB50177-2005).

3) Type I lamp is chosen for the illuminating system in the test system, the lamp bare conductor is of reliable grounding and the PE line is set for the lighting circuit. At the moment of wiring going through the pipe, the wires are laid in different pipes to avoid interference for the same circuit. The explosion-proof cable fixed head is used for connection of high voltage cable to avoid striking a light due to bared or cable-circuit cable.

4) As for the test system, the 1mm alloy plate is used as the equipment shell protection facility to effectively avert the gas shock damage arising from the internal pipeline leakage and object strike damage to the operator by the collapse of parts.

5) The flame retardant cable is used for electric power supply cable, and the internal copper conductor ensures the electric power supply and reduces the harms brought by cable burning.

6) The proper insulating filling material between heating wire and metallic conduit pipe pursuant to the operating temperature of the electrical heating element to ensure reliability.

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