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FCTS-S Series Fuel Cell Stack Test System - Rexgear
FCTS-S Series Fuel Cell Stack Test System - Rexgear
FCTS-S Series Fuel Cell Stack Test System - Rexgear
FCTS-S Series Fuel Cell Stack Test System - Rexgear

FCTS-S Series Fuel Cell Stack Test System

The development of FCTS-S system is designed to provide a stable testing platform for fuel cell stacks. The system contains KDLF series fuel cell specific energy recycling DC electronic load, gas flow and pressure control module, gas humidity and temperature adjustment control module, cooling module, stack cell voltage detection module and sampling control and protection module, etc., it adopts the self-developed system test software to test the output characteristics of fuel cell stacks under different working conditions. Based on online data monitoring and processing by fuel cell stack test system platform, the polarization curve, power curve and other characteristic curves of the measured cell stack can be analyzed to find the optimal output condition of the cell stack, and the output voltage of individual cells in the cell stack can be monitored. The system is applicable to the R&D and performance testing of fuel cell stacks.


Product Features

♦ Nitrogen purging, circulating water preheating, automatic water replenishment and gas exhaust.
♦ Online adjustable gas inlet pressure, temperature and dew point temperature for cathode and anode.
♦ Automatic back pressure function of the gas at the cathode/anode; Cathode/anode gas and cooling water pressure following.
♦ Reserved anode connection for hydrogen circulation pump.
♦ Cathode and anode gas with wet/dry switching.
♦ Adjustable test step &each protection variable.
♦ Data recording and analysis capacities, automatic report generation and one-click export.
♦ Electronic loads with wide range of voltages and currents, multiple operating modes: CV, CC, CP, etc.
♦ Double safety protection: hardware & software, with customizable alarm values.
♦ Dual operation mode: Manual/Auto, supports long periods unattended work.
♦ Online hydrogen leak alarm and online insulation detection

System Diagram


Test Items

♦ Fuel cell stack polarization curve test
♦Fuel cell stack sensitivity test
♦Monitoring and analyzing the operating characteristics consistency of each cell in fuel stack
♦Fuel cell stack startup performance test
♦Fuel cell stack stable-state condition test
♦Fuel cell stack dynamic working condition test  Fuel cell stack activation test  Fuel cell stack durability test  Fuel cell stack system insulation test  Real-time monitor and abnormal alarm

PC Software


Safety Protection

The stack test system has an all-around safety protection logic, the software implements three-level fault protection control logic, and the first-level fault realizes alarm prompt; The secondary fault realizes load reduction and shutdown; When a third-level fault occurs, it will stop immediately after the load failure; It both ensures the safety of the test system, and protects the safe operation of the stack under test. In the hardware, the test system integrates a hydrogen concentration detection module, an insulation resistance detection module, a temperature switch, a pressure switch, an automatic pressure relief valve, etc., which is combined with a safety PLC to ensure the system's safe operation even in the event of a system failure.

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