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IEC 61000 Testing / EN 61000 Testing



The IEC 61000 test standard is the base EMC standard for the European Union, from which many other EMC standards are generated. IEC 61000 / EN 61000 testing involves reviewing and applying the nine sections of the standard, which include but are not limited to functional safety, measurement uncertainty, emission limits, immunity limits, measurement techniques, testing techniques, installation guidelines and generic emission and immunity requirements in various environments.

Test Solution

IT7800 series AC/DC power supplies provide standard test curves in accordance with IEC 61000-4-11/4-13/4-14/4-28 regulations. It can be invoked directly by the user when testing IEC compliance tests. This function provides both the test curve that meets the standard requirements of regulations and the curve customization function. Users can customize the curve according to the project requirements of regulations and perform the extended test of the test object.

IEC 61000-4-11Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – Part 4-11: Testing and measurement techniques – Voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variations immunity tests
IEC 61000-4-13Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – Part 4-13: Testing and measurement techniques – Harmonics and inter-harmonics including mains signaling at a.c. power port, low frequency, immunity tests
IEC 61000-4-14Applies to electrical and/or electronic equipment that have a rated input current up to 16 A per phase. Aims to establish a reference for evaluating the immunity of electric and/or electronic equipment when subjected to positive and negative low amplitude voltage fluctuations.
IEC 61000-4-28Establishes a reference for evaluating the immunity of electric and electronic equipment when subjected to variations of the power frequency. Only conducted phenomena are considered, including immunity tests for equipment connected to public and industrial networks.

Harmonic Test (Up to 50th order harmonic simulation)


User-Defined Waveform


Interharmnics Simulation


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