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IT8400 High Performance DC Electronic Load - Rexgear
IT8400 High Performance DC Electronic Load - Rexgear
IT8400 High Performance DC Electronic Load - Rexgear
IT8400 High Performance DC Electronic Load - Rexgear

IT8400 High Performance DC Electronic Load

IT8400 high-performance DC electronic load has two voltage levels, 600V and 1200V. It supports master-slave connection in parallel with power from 6 kW to 600 kW, and is capable of fast double power loading. It has three current readback ranges with a resolution of up to 40uA. IT8400 has faster loop response and current rising and falling speed. It supports up to 8 working modes. It also has dynamic mode, List, OCP, OPP test, automatic test and battery test functions. IT8400 has built-in CAN, LAN, GPIB, USB, RS232 and analog interfaces, suitable for remote control and system building. In addition, the full protection function makes it well matched with the test of fuel cell, power battery discharge, DC charging pile, BOC, power electronics, solar, automotive high-voltage components, DC-DC, motor and so on.

Model Options

Product Features

♦ Max.Voltage : 1200V
♦ Current range: 1.5A~15,000 A
♦ Power extended to 600 kW through master-slave connection in parallel
♦ High-precision three current measurement ranges with resolution up to 40uA
♦ Fast double power loading capability (<3 s)
♦ 25kHz fast dynamic mode, current rising and falling time is adjustable
♦ Provide 8 working modes: CC, CV, CR, CP, CC+CV, CV+CR,CR+CC, CP+CC
♦ 1 kHz continuous sampling rate
♦ List programming
♦ The battery discharge function is used to test energy storage devices such as batteries and super capacitors
♦ CV loop speed is adjustable to match different power supplies
♦ 500 kHz voltage and current sampling rate
♦ Time measurement, OCP/OPP test short circuit simulation, automatic test
♦ Soft start and soft shutdown to prevent voltage fluctuations during on/off
♦ I-monitor function
♦ Full protection: OVP, UVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, current oscillation protection, current limit, power limit, reverse alarm, etc.
♦ Power-off retention memory function, recording up to 100 groups data
♦ Independent control, easy to maintain and install.
♦ Built-in standard LAN, USB, RS232, GPIB, CAN and analog, IO interface
♦ LabVIEW driver and SCPI protocol


Functions and Advantages

Fast loading with double power

The input voltage of IT8400 DC electronic load can reach 1200V. It has a fast double power loading capacity and is available for all models from 6kW to 600kW. You do not need to select the model according to the maximum power during the actual test, which can greatly save your costs. The input over power and loading time are relevant with the temperature of the electronic load. For example: below 30℃, IT8400 supports double power loading within 3 seconds. This makes it suitable for instantaneous high-power discharge tests of motors and batteries. For example, simulating the starting of a DC motor, simulating the transient overload characteristics of some power supplies, or instantaneously discharging a high-power battery or fuel cell.

AC impedance test of fuel cells

IT8400 can be used to check the output impedance of fuel cells. Wire according to the figure below, it should be noted that:
1. Use 4-wire Kelvin wiring to more accurately measure fuel cell output voltage and eliminate voltage drops on power lines. A two-wire system can measure lower voltages.
2. Twist the remote Sense wires together (twisted pair) and separate them from the source leads to reduce noise inductive coupling in the sense wires.
3. Keep the test lines as short as possible to reduce transmission line ringing in case a step load change occurs.

Higher current rise and fall speed and dynamic speed

Dynamic testing is one of the necessary test items for power supplies. The dynamic mode of IT8400 can be used to measure it.Set the current level, time, rising and falling slope and repeat times, and then you can check if the power supply still works stably when the load current is changed stepwise. IT8400 supports the programmable dynamic loading mode with 25kHz. The minimum current rise and fall time is 15us. When the loading current changes continuously, the internal monitoring and circuit can minimize the current waveform distortion. So it is well used for transient response test of switching power supply and dynamic discharge test of battery.

8 Working modes

IT8400 series provides eight kinds of working modes such as CC, CV, CR, CP, CV+CC, CV+CR, CR+CC, CP+CC, which can adapt to the test requirements of various occasions. Among them, the CP mode is often used to UPS battery test, simulate the current change when the battery voltage is decaying. It can also be used to simulate the characteristics of the inputs of DC-DC converters and inverters. The CV+CC mode can be applied to the load simulation battery and test the charging station or the car charger. When the CV is working, the maximum loading current is limited. CR+CC mode is commonly used in the testing of voltage limiting, current limiting characteristics, constant voltage accuracy,and constant current accuracy of on-board chargers, whic

Master-slave paralleling, flexible power configuration

IT8400 series supports master-slave connection in parallel and equalized current. It also supports parallel connection between the units with different power and same voltage. After paralleling connection, all functions of the stand-alone can be realized, including working in CV mode, maximum paralleling up to 600kW. The stand-alone can also work independently and the power configuration is more flexible. It adopts analog and digital wiring separately, which ensure the stable performance of the units.