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High Precision Programmable DC Power Supplies

IT-N6900 Programmable DC Power Supply

IT-N6900 DC power supply has 60V and 150V, 800W and 1500W output. It features as black panel and large screen, low ripple and noise. It can provide stable and pure DC power, two current ranges, up to 1μA current resolution. It has CC and CV priority settings, new Foldback protection. It is well used for the test of DC-DC, semiconductor lasers, automotive electronics, communication electronics, motors, PV modules and so on.

IT-M3200 High Precision Programmable DC Power Supply

IT-M3200 high precision programmable DC power supply adopts a mixed modes design, which not only takes into account high power and low ripple output, but also has dynamic load response, switching between multiple current measurement ranges. It meets various current measurement requirement from ampere level to micro-ampere level.IT-M3200 has a flexible modular architecture, independent multi-channel design with synchronous operation function. 


IT-2800 High Precision Graphical Source Measure Unit (SMU)

The IT2800 Series are compact andcost-effective bench-top Source Measure Units (SMUs) with the capability tosource and measure both voltage and current. The IT2800 Series combine the capabilities of a voltage source, a currentsource, a voltage meter, a current meter and an ohmmeter (along with the capability to switch easily between these various functions).

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