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ElectroShield 9000 Series Safety Tester/Hipot Tester

Single Channel Hipot Testers

ES9005-500-1 Hipot Tester

AC 5 kV @ 120 mA, DC 6 kV @ 25mA 500VA Hipot with Insulation resistance (IR) and Ground Continuity Test

ES9005-150-1 Hipot Tester (AC/DC/IR)

AC 5 kV @ 30 mA, DC 6 kV @ 10mA 150VA Hipot with Insulation resistance (IR) Test

ES9010-200A Hipot Tester (AC/OSC)

AC 10 kV @ 20 mA, 200VA Hipot with Ground Continuity Test

ES9012-120D Hipot Tester

DC 12 kV @ 10mA 120VA Hipot with Insulation resistance (IR) Test

ES9005-100-1 Hipot Tester (AC/DC/IR)

AC 5 kV @ 20 mA, DC 6 kV @ 10mA 100VA Hipot with Insulation resistance (IR) Test

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