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Dust Test Chamber - Rexgear
Dust Test Chamber - Rexgear
Dust Test Chamber - Rexgear
Dust Test Chamber - Rexgear
Dust Test Chamber - Rexgear
Dust Test Chamber - Rexgear

Dust Test Chamber

The dust test chamber is used for electronic and electrical products, lamps, electrical cabinets, electrical components, automobiles, motorcycles and their parts and other products in the simulation of dusty climatic conditions, after the test, to detect whether the product through the sand and dust storm environment corrosion resistance test

Product series: small dust test chamber, large sand and dust testing machine, walk-in sand and dust test chamber, military standard sand and dust test chamber, IF1-4X dust test fixture, are available to support non-standard custom series sand and dust test chamber

Sand And Dust Test Chamber

Sand and dust test chamber, in line with the standard, suitable for large sample testing, without digging even, automatic powder change, can be used on the second floor

Product Features

01 Customized Solutions

Specially for large volume samples to test the size of the inner box size, can be customized according to the size of the sample size, weight, materials, and the testing standards requirements. 

02 Our Design vs Traditional Design

No need to dig the foundation, no funnel design 30cm above the ground, easier to place test samples

03 Easy To Use Dust Does Not Easily Crystallize

More uniform heating and dehumidification

04 Compact Size

Comparing to the traiditional design, the product has much more compact size with 2.7 meters height can be placed on the equipment, 

05 Testing Standards

IEC 60529:2001 parameter requirements

06 Calibration Service

Products are calibrated before shipment and we also provide annual calibration service to ensure the product in the best condition.