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Waterproof Test Chamber
Waterproof Test Chamber
Waterproof Test Chamber
Waterproof Test Chamber
Waterproof Test Chamber
Waterproof Test Chamber

Waterproof Test Chamber

It is a rain test chamber that can simultaneously meet IPX12/34/56/78/9K total of 9 kinds of waterproof level test, focusing on waterproof test equipment. Waterproof test equipment is also called IP waterproof test equipment, rain test chamber, waterproof testing machine, etc.

IPX12: Rain drop test
IPX34: Water Jet Test
IPX9k: High Temperature High Presure Test
IPX56: High Pressure Water Jet Test

Comprehensive Waterproof Test Chamber

Box-type water circulation, small footprint, free to move, suitable for small sample testing, can customize the size of the inner box

Product Features

Specialized in the production of rain test chamber equipment manufacturers

01 Install Anywhere without Site Restriction

Traditionally, the rain test need to implement in a seperate test room . REXGEAR Comprehensive rain test chamber can install the chamber anywhere without the limitation by the site.  Users don need to build a separate rain test room, saving the user's preliminary investment (including time, energy, money, etc.)

02 Comprehensive Testing For More Efficient Work

Integrated IPX1-IPX6 and many other levels of testing to meet 80% of the outdoor product testing needs; data transfer to the touch screen display, the user can easily set in the software. 

03 Accurate Flow Adjustment More Realistic Results

Configuration upgrade, the use of constant current technology, so that the flow of accurate, rainfall error value <0.2%; specimens can be powered test, more in line with the actual application scenario

04 Customized Solutions 

REXGEAR team can come to communicate, understand the user's products, design drawings according to the user's testing needs, and customize a more appropriate, more durable waterproof test program

05 Calibration Service

Products are calibrated before shipment and we also provide annual calibration service to ensure the product in the best condition.