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Clean AC Power Source

AFV-P series Programmable AC Power Source

♦Output Power : 600VA~5kVA
♦Output Voltage : 0~310V (0~620V opt.)
♦Output Frequency : 15-1000Hz (opt. 5-2000 Hz)
♦Inrush current capable to deliver up to 4.5 times of peak current

High Power Programmable AC Power Source

♦Output Power : 10kVA~2000kVA
♦Output Voltage : 0~310V
♦Frequency : A ( 45-500Hz ) B ( 45-120Hz ) C ( 300-840Hz ) Programmable
♦Standard : RS-232、RS-485、Ethernet,Option : GPIB、Analog

AFC series AC Power Source/ Frequency Converter

♦Output Power: 10kVA~2000kVA ♦Output Voltage: 0~310V
♦Output Frequency: 45~65Hz (45~65Hz, 100Hz / 120Hz / 200Hz / 240Hz / 400Hz opt.)
♦CE certified

400Hz Frequency Converter / Ground Power Unit

♦Output Voltage 115/200V ±10%
♦Output frequency is 400 Hz fixed or 300-500Hz (AMV Series) adjustable
♦The protection level is up to IP54
♦Overload capability is up to 300% and the working temperature is between -40℃~ 55℃