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Linear Programmable DC Power Supplies

IT6100B series (86 ~ 1200W)
high precision programmable DC power supply

IT6100B series (86 ~ 1200W) high speed high precision programmable DC power supply is withultra high voltage rising time, the fastestfull load up to 500us, resolution up to 0.1mV / 0.01mA, the latest output waveform priority mode allows rising waveform ofvoltage or current is with high-speed and no overshoot, which is widely used in power modules and other high-precision test occasions. IT6100B hasbuilt-in standard USB / RS232 / communication interface

IT6100 High Performance Programmable DC Power Supply

IT6100 series assure you accurate measurements with 0.1mV/0.1mA high resolution and high accuracy. With high-speed List mode output and voltage rise speed up to 20ms, it can independently edit and perform the default voltage waveform to meet the high-speed test needs. IT6100 series has built-in 5 1/2 digital voltmeter and milliohm meter, which can measure additional signals. IT6100 series supports SCPI communication protocol, GPIB/USB/RS232 interfaces are optional for customers.

IT6800AB series (180W-216W) 
programmable DC power supply 

IT6800 single channel programmable DC power supply (180W-216W) with resolution 1mV/0.1mA, users can adjust the voltage/current stepping by pressing the left and right keys to moving the cursor and programs by the front panel. OVP/OTP protection. IT6800 supports timer function and their built-in RS232 and USB communication interfaces offer you a convinience testing experience.