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Burn-In Test Room - Rexgear
Burn-In Test Room - Rexgear

Burn-In Test Room

Isolated type of burn-in room 
●Separate the product and loading area, easy to control temperature and maintain.
●Temp. range: 40-70ºC±3/±5ºC,
●Temp. constancy: ±0.5ºC
●Uniformity: ±3ºC
●Test frame materials: painted stainless steel or a combination of forming aluminum
●Insulation: with PU foam ( doors with double glazing ) insulation, so that the internal temperature is not subject to external factors, to achieve power saving effect
●Product hierarchy placement, Selection of layer height in accordance with the requirements, convenient access
●Computer monitoring system is optional.
●Noise level:≤75dB Application
Suitable for all kinds of electronic products,expecially for products with heating characteristics
Product and loading area should be separated
Large-scale production