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Engineers' Top Choices

IT-M3900C series bidirectional programable DC power supply

IT6000C series bidirectional programable DC power supply


IT-7900P Programmable AC Power +Regenerative Grid Simulator +Regenerative AC Load in One

IT-8900A/E Series Linear Type High Power DC Electronic Load

Battery Cell/Module/Pack Test Solutions

RCT Series Small Battery Cell Test Solution 5V/30A~120A -5V to 5V/3A~6A

IT-M3900C Series Large Battery Cell Test Solution 10V/ 170A~1020A

IT-M3400C Series Small Battery Module Test Solution 60VDC / 150VDC / 300VDC / 600VDC 6~30A

IT-6000C Series Battery Pack Test Solution 80VDC / 300VDC / 500VDC / 800VDC / 1500VDC / 2250VDC 25A up to 2040A

Environmental Test Solutions

Explosion Proof Battery Cell/Module/Pack Environmental Test Chamber 2.26 to 35.31 Cubic Feet

Vibration Test Systems simulate the vibration environment and test the impact strength 300-6000kN

Machine Shock Test for simulating product impact, bump, free fall, tumbling... etc test conditions. 

Warterproof test chamber that can simultaneously meet IPX12/34/56/78/9K total of 9 kinds of waterproof level test,