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Bidirectional DC Power Supplies

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IT6600C Series Bidirectional Programmable DC Power Supply

IT6600C series DC power supply is a new generation graphical bidirectional DC power supply. It adopts a touch screen design and intuitive GUI, making parameter setting and waveform editing simpler and more efficient. It adopts advanced third-generation SiC technology. A 3U height single unit can output 21kW each in dual channels. If the two independent channels are connected in series/parallel, it can reach maximum power 42kW. Since 1 unit IT6600C can cover the output range of 3-5 normal power supplies, it can be applied to various applications requiring high voltage or high current.IT6600C series is not only a power supply, but also an excellent electronic load. It can not only output power as a DC power supply, but also actas a DC electronic load, absorbing power and feeding clean power back to the grid to realize energy recycling. IT6600C series brings you a new experience during the high-power complex testing in the fields of automobiles, energy storage, industry, green energy and so on and provides strong support for R&D, verification, production, etc.


IT6000C series bidirectional programable DC power supply

IT6000C series is a bi-directional programmable DC power supply which adopts the third generation SiC-base technology. It integrates the source and sink function in one unit. Based on these two functions, IT6000C offers the functionality of two-quadrant operation. The regenerative capability enables the energy consumed to be put back onto the grid cleanly, saving costs from energy consumption and cooling, while not interfering with the grid. IT6000C series provide max. output voltage up to 2250V, support master-slave paralleling with averaging current distribution , max. output power up to 2MW.

IT-M3900C series bidirectional programable DC power supply

There are 25 models included in IT-M3900C series. The output voltage ranges from 10V to 1500V and the maximum output current of a single unit can reach 1020A. The wide-range output design provides more voltage and current combinations than conventional fixed-range output DC power supplies, which is more flexible. Just a single unit can cover a wide range of applications which makes it easy to build power systems and largely save room for you at the same time.

IT-M3400 series bidirectional programable DC power supply

IT-M3400 bidirectional power supply is 1U Half-rack mini size and support output up to 800W, not only with high power density, but also with high resolution, high precision and high stability. The output voltage can reach 600V and the output current can reach 30A. There are 12 models in the whole series, with a wide range of output design, and one unit can cover a wide range of applications.


IT2700 Multi-channel Modular Power System (1U 8 channels, 200W and 500W)

IT2700 series multi-channel modular power system brings ultra-high power density. The 1U main frame can include up to 8 modules (200W each) or 4 modules (500W each). Different modules can be grouped and synchronized. The modules could be bidirectional DC power supplies, DC power supplies or regenerative loads.

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