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High Power Programmable DC Power Supplies

IT6000D series (5kW~2MW)
High Power Programable DC Power Supply

IT6000D, single channel output programmable DC power supply, is applicable in laboratories and automatic test system to provide high-power and stable DC supply. The feature of autoranging output enables a wide range of voltage and current combinations at full power, unprecedentedly flexible. IT6000D Series has wide range of applications and its single unit provides power range of 5kW to 144kW, current up to 2040A, as well as its voltage up to 2250V. Besides, The compact 3U design saves rack space. Multi units of the same model can be paralleled easily to have higher power and the maximum power can reach up to 2 MW.

IT-M3900D series (1700W~12kW) Compact Size High Power DC Power Supply

IT-M3900 series integrates the features of a DC power supply, a bi-directional power supply, a source and load system, and a regenerative electronic load in one. It keeps the advantages of high power density and architecture design of M series, power up to 6kw, current up to 510A, and voltage up to 1500V within one 1U unit, effectively reducing the equipment occupation space and cabinet time. wide-range models could meet different test requirements while matching with multi-functional, high energy-saving, high-safety, and high-stability product design, let the customer be confident to face a variety of complex testing, improving the products competition ability.

IT-6500 Series (800W~6kW) Wide-range DC Power Supply

IT6500 serieswide range high power DC power supply provides users with a very wide range ofchoices, the whole series includes from 800W to 6kW, as well as up to 1000V, 240A output range, at the same time has an ultra-wide range of voltage andcurrent. IT6500C series has rich measurement and high-speed response function,while IT6500D series has high performance and stable output function, users caneasily choose according to their requirements. IT6500 can be used in a varietyof applications, including automotive, green energy, high speed testing, highpower testing, etc. It is a dc power supply with rich features, excellentperformance and a wide range of applications.

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