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EH9100 Cable and Harness Tester - Rexgear
EH9100 Cable and Harness Tester - Rexgear
EH9100 Cable and Harness Tester - Rexgear
EH9100 Cable and Harness Tester - Rexgear

EH9100 Cable and Harness Tester


Product Features

■ Test Pin: 64-256 pin, four-terminal test
■ Conductance, Transient open and short circuit, Hipot, IR, Component test.
■ (Patent) High and low voltage separation technology, insulation impedance > 100GΩ
■ Built-in 10A independent DC current source for pressure dropping test
■ 7” TFT LCD TrueColor display screen, 16-bit, 800X480 resolution
■ Firmware update through U disk
■ Selectable Chinese and English operation interface
■ (Patent) 4 high-pressure test modes: a pair of other, dichotomy, automatic test, grounding test.
■ Excellent and reliable ARC detection function
■ Testing resistance, capacitance, diode and other components using four-terminal testing technology
■ The module equipped with independent read-write chip detects whether the chip in the wire is working normally
■ Support for connector testing
■ Support multi-file testing, providing flexible solutions for complex wires
■ Handler supports up to 40 outputs
■ Communication command provides two instruction systems: SCPI
■ Provide instrument self-inspection function, check instrument fault on line


■ Communication and IT telephone lines, network cables, multi-strand cables, mobile phone screen cables, TYPE-C data cables, USB data cables, laptop screen cables, HDMI cables, VGA cables, IDE hard disk cables, SATA hard disks Connection line etc.
■ Automotive Electronics ECU cable, automotive wiring harness, navigation cable, navigation screen cable, car electronic product cable, audio and video cable
■ Electronic Industry Flat wire, flat wire, connector, power cord, multiplexer, RS232 connection line,GPIB cable, USB extension cable, multi-core socket
■ Components Passive components: capacitors, inductors, resistors, diodes, capacitor polarity, voltage drop ■ Safety test AC withstand voltage, DC withstand voltage, insulation insulation