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Multi-Channel Programmable DC Power Supplies


IT2700 Multi-channel Modular Power System (1U 8 channels, 200W and 500W)

IT2700 series multi-channel modular power system brings ultra-high power density. The 1U main frame can include up to 8 modules (200W each) or 4 modules (500W each). Different modules can be grouped and synchronized. The modules could be bidirectional DC power supplies, DC power supplies or regenerative loads.

IT-M3100 Series Ultra-Compact Wide Range DC Power Supply

IT-M3100 series breaks through the traditional tech limits, in the ultra compact size of only 1U Half-Rack, the unit can not only output high power, but also has high performance and versatility. It supports the master-slave parallel mode. The full range of models support multiple stacking and parallel connection by handily designing "leg" plug-in. Fit with rack mount kit to achieve the perfect use.

IT-M3100D series dual-channel programable DC power supply  

IT-M3100D dual-channel programmable DC power supply, only 1U half rack, provides fully isolated dual-channel output. The automatic wide-range design can provide you with higher voltage and current output, so one unit can cover a wide range of applications. Its flexible modular design, independent multi-channel design and simultaneous operation function allow you to configure each channel freely. 

IT6300 Series Triple Channels DC Power Supply


IT6300 series is high-performance programmable triple channels DC power supply, each output voltage and current can be set from 0 to maximum rated output.This series provides series connection, parallel connection and synchronous functions of channel, which offer multi-purpose solutions for customers test.IT6300 series is with high resolution1mV / 1mAand remote sense function, which make the test more accurate. With built-in standard USB / RS232 / GPIB communication interface,