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IT-N2100 Series Solar Array Simulator
IT-N2100 Series Solar Array Simulator
IT-N2100 Series Solar Array Simulator
IT-N2100 Series Solar Array Simulator
IT-N2100 Series Solar Array Simulator
IT-N2100 Series Solar Array Simulator
IT-N2100 Series Solar Array Simulator
IT-N2100 Series Solar Array Simulator

IT-N2100 Series Solar Array Simulator

IT-N2100 series solar array simulator is a high performance DC power supply with fast change of IV curve. It can simulate the IV output characteristics of various solar panels under different environments (temperature, light, shadow decay, aging). It can be applied for the tests of solar micro-inverter, power optimizer, satellite power system, sail power array and so on. IT-N2100 has low ripple, low noise and fast MPPT, supports multi-channel synchronous control and high voltage topology.

Model Options

Product Features

♦ Precise simulation of the IV characteristics output of silicon, GaAs and other types of solar PV panels
♦ Built-in solar array simulation software, supporting multi-channel control
♦ High-speed current dynamic response to support fast MPPT for microinverters
♦ Up to 1500V DC output common-mode withstand voltage, supporting series testing of the DUT
♦ Fixed mode, adjustable output impedance,can simulate CC, CV, CP output
♦ Ultra-low current ripple, high precision sampling, programming and measurement
♦ Simulate I-V curve under different temperature and light
♦ Built-in EN50530, Sandia, NB/T32004, CGC/GF004, CGC/GF035 regulations dynamic model test, and generate reports
♦ Graphical operation interface, real-time display of MPPT status of PV inverter
♦ Dynamic list sequence programming: 100 steps x 20 data sets
♦ Real-time data and curve recording for further analysis
♦ Simulation of dynamic and static I-V curves of solar panels under cloud shadow
♦ Table mode supports I-V curve fitting with 4096 points
♦ Quickly generate I-V by setting Voc, Isc, Vmp, Imp by four-point method
♦ Comprehensive curve protection: OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP
♦ Small size: 2U half rack for single channel
♦ 4.3" HD LCD, easy to operate
♦ Front and rear panel output, adaptable to bench top and system integration for various applications
♦ Standard communication interface LAN, USB, digital I/O, support SCPI


Test Solution- Micro-inverter, power optimizer

High response speed

The IT-N2100 series photovoltaic simulator has a current loop speed of up to 500kHz and supports 250Hz MPPT speed. Its IV curve consists of up to 4096 data points which closely matches the real output of the photovoltaic array. The real output of the photovoltaic panel strictly follows its IV curve. When the MPPT tracking frequency increases, if the response speed of the simulator (power supply) is too slow, it will not be able to track the IV curve, and the reliability of the test results is under doubt. Under the condition of high MPPT tracking frequency of the IT-N2100 series PV simulator, the output still accurately conforms to the preset IV curve.

Low noise of output current

The high fundamental frequency noise of the PV simulator affects the MPPT and current sampling precision of the inverter. The low current noise and pure signal of the IT-N2100 series ensure the accuracy of the test.

5 PV modes

IT-N2100 series has 5 built-in PV modes. You can operate it on the front panel. With the built-in IV curves models of multiple regulations, four-point method, table tracing point method, fixed mode or list programming, it can simulate the output of solar array IV curve, big screen graphical display, and real-time view of MPPT status of micro-inverter, power optimizer and other DUTs. In addition, you can import model files via a USB. When multiple channels operations are required, you can use PV software, very convenient.