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IT6600C Series Bidirectional Programmable DC Power Supply

IT6600C series DC power supply is a new generation graphical bidirectional DC power supply. It adopts a touch screen design and intuitive GUI, making parameter setting and waveform editing simpler and more efficient. It adopts advanced third-generation SiC technology. A 3U height single unit can output 21kW each in dual channels. If the two independent channels are connected in series/parallel, it can reach maximum power 42kW. Since 1 unit IT6600C can cover the output range of 3-5 normal power supplies, it can be applied to various applications requiring high voltage or high current.

IT6600C series is not only a power supply, but also an excellent electronic load. It can not only output power as a DC power supply, but also act as a DC electronic load, absorbing power and feeding clean power back to the grid to realize energy recycling. IT6600C series brings you a new experience during the high-power complex testing in the fields of automobiles, energy storage, industry, green energy and so on and provides strong support for R&D, verification, production, etc