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Rexgear_GDK SMT High Speed Glue Dispenser
Rexgear_GDK SMT High Speed Glue Dispenser

SMT High Speed Glue Dispenser

About Product

Application Range: Encapsulation protection of PCB board and FPC soft board parts, reinforcement of camera module, fingerprint recognition module dispensing IC chip, component underfill and component encapsulation shell frame dispensing. Red phosphor, dam, precision coating, etc. filled with phosphor of LED.

FPC flexible circuit board is a flexible printed circuit board with high reliability and high quality, which is made of polyimide or polyester film as the base material. It has the characteristics of high wiring density, light weight, thin thickness and good bendability.

Functions & Features

With the development trend of miniaturization, portability and diversification of functions of electronic products, in order to improve the reliability of the tiny flexible substrate (FPC), the entire components (such as 0402, 0201) are encapsulated, or the lead chip is introduced. Foot encapsulation has become an indispensable process, and flexible substrates (FPC) are often used in miniaturized portable electronic products, such as smartphone cameras, microphones, and display screens. The size itself is tiny, the pitch between each device is very small, and the process of each device cannot affect each other. In this way, higher requirements are placed on the equipment of the encapsulation process.

Camera Module Dispensing

The performance of the digital camera of the mobile phone in the development stage should also be in the preliminary stage, only some mobile phone cameras have the optical zoom function. However, with the development of mobile phone digital camera functions, most of them have digital zoom functions. In addition, the mobile phone's digital camera functions mainly include shooting still images, continuous shooting function, movie shooting, lens rotation, automatic white balance, built-in flash and so on. The shooting function of a mobile phone is directly related to its screen material, screen resolution, camera pixels, and camera material.

The development of the global smartphone industry has promoted the rapid development of the mobile phone camera module industry. The entire dispensing process of mobile phone camera modules is cumbersome and precise. Using high-speed dispensers to dispense mobile phone modules can effectively solve the above problems. The camera module mainly includes the following parts: FPC, SENSOR, LENS, VCM, etc. Its internal structure is complex and precise, and many components need to be assembled by dispensing.

Inkjet process (LED display)
  • Technical barriers for smaller pitch displays: uneven heat dissipation, inconsistent brightness and chromaticity, inconsistent ink color, low contrast, dust, moisture, vibration, hidden quality problems, flatness and bright and dark lines caused by stitching, etc.
  • Factors affecting the consistency of the ink color of the LED display: the influence of the color difference of the PCB substrate, the influence of the consistency of the LED lamp placement (such as height and tilt), the influence of the ink color of the LED lamp housing, the fullness of the solder joint of the LED lamp pin Influence (different refracted light), the influence of fullness of LED lamp epoxy package.
  • Dust, moisture and vibration lead to the problem of hidden quality problems: PCB and LED solder joints are not protected by three protections, LED solder joints are only fixed by solder, solder is a brittle metal material, when the PCB deforms due to excessive force and external force collision It is easy to cause breakage, and the solder joints of the LED display lamp pins are not reinforced (dispensed), and the LED display is not suitable for installation in places with severe vibration (such as cars, ships, etc.)
  • Process methods for improving the consistency of the ink color of the display screen: mask process and spraying ink process
  • Open mold for production, high cost; The installation of the mask needs to be fixed with screws, which increases the cost of personnel; the mask with small spacing needs to be fixed with double-sided adhesive (rubber glue), which is difficult for personnel to operate and has low efficiency;
  • There are hidden quality risks: face masks fixed with adhesive tape are prone to warp after being heated. This situation usually occurs in about a year, resulting in product maintenance, increasing after-sales costs and affecting the company's product quality;
  • Poor display effect: In order to ensure the flatness of the mask, it is necessary to add a hub frame on the mask, which causes the viewing angle of the entire screen to be narrow, which affects the visual effect.
  • The operation difficulty of the ultra-small high-spacing display is increased: the ultra-small-spacing display uses a mask to increase the difficulty of operation, and there is basically no way to work below 1.2mm
  • The inkjet process produced can make up for the deficiencies of the mask process, solve the problem of warping, and narrow the angle of view;
  • No need to open the mold to produce the mask, no need to manually apply the mask, which reduces the production cost;
  • Fully automated production, reduce the labor intensity of operators and increase production efficiency;
  • Inkjet operation can be carried out at very small lamp pitch, which improves the display quality;
  • Simple programming, automatic calibration mode, as long as the operator can use the computer to operate the machine, no professional knowledge is required, and the practicality is strong
Mobile Phone Frame Dispensing
  • As an industry in full swing, smartphones have many applications for dispensing. In addition to traditional UF, camera, mute keys, volume keys, antenna fixing, and soft board reinforcement, screen bonding is also a very conventional application.
  • Nowadays, the screen size of mobile phones is getting larger and larger. Various mobile phone manufacturers also increase the size of the screen as much as possible when the size of the mobile phone is fixed. Then the dispensing position reserved for the bonding of the mobile phone screen and the outer frame is It will become smaller and smaller, and it is also developing in the direction of narrow borders or even no borders.
  • The output of mobile phones is very large, which has high requirements on the utilization rate of equipment and UPH.

In the process of mobile phone production and assembly, frame bonding is a very important link. Its traditional production process is mainly quick-drying glue and adhesive tape. Such production processes are prone to problems such as insufficient bonding strength and poor sealing performance . The hot-melt adhesive used in the mobile phone frame has the characteristics of fast curing speed, high bonding strength and good sealing performance, so it quickly replaces the traditional bonding process and is the mainstream production process at this stage.

Underfill Dispensing

Underfill technology originated from IBM in the 1970s and has now become an important part of the electronics manufacturing industry. At first, the scope of application of this technology was limited to ceramic substrates. It was known that the industry has transitioned from ceramic substrates to organic (stacked) substrates. Underfill technology was only used on a large scale, and the use of organic underfill materials was determined as an industry standard.

With the development trend of miniaturization, portability and diversification of functions of electronic products, underfilling has become a necessary process for improving the reliability of electronic products. For CSP, BGA, POP, underfill improves its impact resistance; for FLIP CHIP, thermal stress due to inconsistent thermal expansion coefficients (CTE) leads to solder ball failure, and underfill improves its ability to resist thermal stress.

Automotive Electronics (Dispensing of Central Control Electronic Components)

Electronic components are components of electronic originals and small electric machines and instruments. They are often composed of several parts and can be used in similar products; often refer to certain parts of electrical appliances, instruments and other industries, such as capacitors, transistors, hairsprings , Clockwork and other sub-device general term. Common ones are diodes, etc.

Encapsulation protection, fixed, moisture-proof, dust-proof.

  • Non-contact jet dispensing technology
  • Super high-speed dispensing, up to 280 points/second
  • Minimum glue dot size: 200μm
  • Precise and precise dispensing
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Improved design greatly prolongs the service life of valves and consumables
  • Ultra-low use cost

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