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Not All Industrial Power Supplies Are Created Equal

As Rexgear’s customers are well aware, modern power supplies are controlled by programmable software. This is a good thing. Without the programmable software, modern power supplies would not be capable of the performance and functionality they provide – and we would not be able to improve that performance and functionality through our software products and services.

However, fixing some problems in today's modern power supplies require some relationship with their manufacturers. Some trouble codes require specific software or access from different manufacturers to read and understand. There are hundreds of codes, and the way to fix the problem might be different for every single make and model.

Our extensive collaboration with leading suppliers not only gives us extensive knowledge about each and every OEM product we carry, but also provides a competitive advantage for our product development involving new technologies (ODM). We know from real-world applications what to pay particularly close attention, in order to avoid many of repair issues that plague "light" industrial and/or "commercial" UPS systems.

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