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Automotive Electronic Devices Test Solution - Rexgear
Automotive Electronic Devices Test Solution - Rexgear

Automotive Electronic Devices Test Solution

We provide professional solutions to automotive electronic devices,e.g car audio and GPS.Our IT6500 series power supply built-in DIN40839 and ISO16750-2 waveforms, which simulate various disturbance situation of car.

Recommend Hardware

IT6500 DC Power Supply, IT6900 DC Power Supply, IT6400 Bipolar DC Power Supply, Junction Box Test System.

Power turn-on /turn-off transient simulation

IT6500 series can simulate the disturbance during and aftercranking. User can recall the standard waveforms(DIN40839and ISO16750-2) directly from menu.

Reset Performance (Reboot) Test

Many on-board devices have reset capability, such as the built-in micro-controller is used to ensure electrical reset function. The resetfunction performance test requires the voltage each time dropped 5% and keeps for a whille, then dropped 5%... Cycle repeats. Standardspecifies the DUT function status should reach ISO16750-1 defined C grade. IT6500 DC power supply provides the test curve, and can berecalled directly. Very convenient design.

Voltage Transients (Fuse blown) Test

To prevent short circuit happening, each automobile electronic device has a fuse. Fuse test requires ISO16750-2 short circuit voltage dropcurve and high speed programmable power supply. IT6500 DC power supply has fast voltage rising/falling rate (the fastest up to 1ms), thatfully can meet the test requirements.

Junction box test

We provide professional and reliable test system for auto junctionbox test.
-Accessories test
-Stability of long term working
-Relay life test
-Fuse test
-Temperature monitor and fault alarm

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