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IT8500G+ Series Programmable DC Electronic Load - Rexgear
IT8500G+ Series Programmable DC Electronic Load - Rexgear

IT8500G+ Series Programmable DC Electronic Load

The IT8500G+ series is a programmable DC electronic load is specifically designed for high-precision ripple testing, with a sampling bandwidth of up to 300kHz. With the built-in ripple test function, it’s easy to measure voltage and current ripple of the DUT. IT8500G+ has built in as many as 8 fast charging protocols, meeting the test requirement of fast charging adapters, power banks, fast charging power banks and other products. At the same time, it also has other functions like automatic testing, battery discharge testing, dynamic testing, etc. So it can complete most of the performance testing of switching power supplies, batteries and other product during the development and production stages.

Model Options

Product Features

♦ 7 operating modes: :CC/CV/CR/CW/CR+CC/CV+CC/CR-LED
♦ Built-in voltage ripple and current ripple measurement function
♦ Built in 8 fast charging communication protocol, including QC2.0, QC3.0, PE+, PE2.0+, USB PD2.0, USB PD3.0, FCP, SCP, support fast charging device testing *1
♦ Dynamic mode up to 20kHz
♦ Teasurement resolution up to 0.1mV / 0.1mA
♦ Professional multi-channel mode, which can cascade up to 16 devices to reduce the cost of burn-in testing
♦ OPP/OCP test functions, suitable for power module protection function test
♦ Battery discharge mode, providing three cut-off conditions of time, voltage and capacity
♦ Automatic test function, widely used in adapter test
♦ List function, which can simulate complex current carrier waveforms
♦ Current monitoring function, without expensive current probe, easy to realize current waveform monitoring (0-10V)
♦ Short-circuit mode/Measure function*1 This function is only available in IT8511G+

Functions and Advantages

Voltage/current ripple measurement

Ripple is one of the parameters that must be tested for switching power supplies. Excessive ripple may cause interference to the DUT or shorten the life of the DUT. IT8500G+ has a ripple measurement function, and its measurement bandwidth is up to 300kHz, which meets the ripple measurementrequirements of switching power supplies or chargers. At the same time, its remote sense function can help to eliminate the impact caused by thevoltage drop on the line. No oscilloscope needed, users can just press the ‘down’ button on the front panel to read the voltage ripple value (Vpp/Vp+/Vp-) and current ripple value (Ipp/Ip+/Ip-) of the DUT directly. This greatly simplifies the wiring and operation process.♦ Continuous mode: Under continuous mode, When the dynamic test operation is enabled, load will be continuously switched between the A value and the B value .

Built-in multiple fast charge protocol

The consumption of battery power is getting faster and faster due to more andmore functions generated in mobile phone. Fast charging technology can helpto improve user experience under the situation. IT8500G+ has built-in multiplefast charging protocols (QC2.0, QC3.0, PE+, PE2.0+, USB PD2.0,USB PD3.0,F CP, SCP) which can complete the test for adapters with different protocols.Users can quickly choose the charging protocol on the menu. And in automatictest mode, it can realize the performance verification of the fast chargingadapter under different charging process, like no-load voltage, short-circuitcurrent, constant voltage and constant current.* Only available with IT8511G+


The multi-channel mode of IT8500G+ is specially designed for optimizing system integration. Through this mode, it can easily build hardwareplatforms with dozens or even hundreds of channels. It simplifies communication connections. There is no need to purchase expensive communication modules or communication interface expansion cards (such as USB hub, multi-serial card or switch), which greatly saves test costs. Themulti-channel mode of IT8500G+ allows up to 16 units connections. This means that only one communication line is required to connect to the PC forevery 16 electronic loads. Let us take the 60-channel burn-in test as an example, if you use the multi-channel mode of IT8500G+, it can save thecost of 8 expansion switches, which presents you an more efficient ATE solution.