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Real Rexgear Stories
Over 56 clients found our custom industrial UPS reviews helpful. We think you will, too. Except for some mild reformatting, these reviews are completely uncensored.
"I purchased your 320kVA Modular Scalable UPS...noticed a significant increase in battery run-time immediately...Our television stations ran just fine during electrical spikes and sags without any disturbances...The difference was amazing. Thanks for a great product."

- Eduardo, Odessa, TX
"The BEST support I have EVER received for ANY power supply...Easily saved us $8000 in damages per MONTH. That's how much we used to spend on replacing damaged control modules every month because of random power grid failures."

- John, Little Rock, AR
"The 480V 3-Phase Rexgear UPS is connected to support our CNC machines...It's a great product. Hasn't failed once even with the high power loads. This is the best business decision I have made."

- William, Athens, TX
"...The fact remains that we used to pay a lot more to install ventilation systems to remove potentially explosive hydrogen fumes. Rexgear made sure our UPS is specific to our battery type and our equipment design. Our charging areas are now code compliant."

- Cesar, Oceanside, CA
Trusted By Hundreds Of Customers Worldwide
Researchers and engineers at universities, start-ups, Fortune 500s, public agencies, and national labs use Rexgear to power their equipment workloads.