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Drop Test System - Rexgear
Drop Test System - Rexgear

Drop Test System

Packaging drop test is used to determine the effect of impact on the package during use, transportation, loading and unloading. The strictly designed “1G+” ensures its accuracy. Apart from accurate plane fall test, it can also perform edge drop and corner drop test to make a complete evaluation on the performance of packaging and product.


●Satisfy and even beyond GB, IEC, ASTM, ISTA and other industrial standards.
●Can perform surfaces, corner and edge drops.
●Precise guiding system and pneumatical driving
●Unique swing arm structural design, escape acceleration of swing arm greater than 3G. 
● With double column guide, hydraulic buffer will absorb the dynamic force of the swing arm such that the movement is stable, reliable with low noise.
 ●Self-locking screw in lifting mechanism to prevent accidental downward glide. 
● Automatic pneumatic interlocks to prevent abnormal detachment of swing arm. 
● Extensible support bracket and bottom slab.