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IT7900EP Programmable AC Power +Regenerative Grid Simulator +Regenerative AC Load in One
IT7900EP Programmable AC Power +Regenerative Grid Simulator +Regenerative AC Load in One
IT7900EP Programmable AC Power +Regenerative Grid Simulator +Regenerative AC Load in One
IT7900EP Programmable AC Power +Regenerative Grid Simulator +Regenerative AC Load in One
IT7900EP Programmable AC Power +Regenerative Grid Simulator +Regenerative AC Load in One
IT7900EP Programmable AC Power +Regenerative Grid Simulator +Regenerative AC Load in One
IT7900EP Programmable AC Power +Regenerative Grid Simulator +Regenerative AC Load in One
IT7900EP Programmable AC Power +Regenerative Grid Simulator +Regenerative AC Load in One

IT7900EP Programmable AC Power +Regenerative Grid Simulator +Regenerative AC Load in One

Adopting advanced SiC technology, the IT7900EP series high-performance Regenerative grid simulator provides an all-in-one test solution that can be used not only as a grid simulator and four-quadrant power amplifier, but also as a four-quadrant regenerative AC/DC electronic load.The full four-quadrant operation, regenerative ability can feedback power to the grid, meet the needs of environmental protection, but also save a lot of electricity and heat dissipation costs. Compact, modular and efficient structure design allows the IT7900EP up to 21kVA in 3U single unit, and its power can be extended to 1MVA after master-slave parallel connection. Colorful touch screen with intuitive GUI allows IT7900EP to directly define different waveforms. The rich operation modes can meet the test requirement of single-phase, three-phase, reverse-phase. It provides high flexibility for testing and can be widely used in many fields such as PV, ESS and EV.

Model Options


Highlighted Features

♦ Adopt advanced SiC technology
♦ High power density, up to 21 kVA for 3U
♦ Voltage can reach 350V L-N
♦ Highly efficient power regeneration
♦ Master and slave equal flow, parallel machines up to 1MVA
♦ Comprehensive working modes selectable: single-phase, three-phase, reverse phase(split phase)
♦ Voltage extension to 200% of rated voltage in reversed mode ♦ Support LIST/SWEEP/Surge&Sag three waveform modes
♦ Built-in rich waveform database
♦ Harmonic simulation and analysis function up to 50 times,built-in IEC61000-3-2/3-12
♦ Can simulate arbitrary waveform output, support CSV file import waveform
♦ Phase angle 0-360° settable ♦ Touch screen design, simple UI interface
♦ Built-in USB/CAN/LAN /Digital IO interface,optional GPIB/analog & RS232 interface
♦ Full protection functions including automatic clearing,POVP ,watchdog, etc.
♦ Support CANopen、Modbus、LXI、SCPI communication

Source Features

♦ Regenerative grid simulator & full 4-Quadrant AC&DC power sources
♦ Frequency: 16-2400Hz 
♦ Power Amplifier function for PHiL applications
♦ Professional islanding test mode, support R, L, C and active, reactive power settings
♦ Four output modes of AC/DC/AC+DC/DC+AC can be realized
♦ Programmable output impedance,simulation of real-world impedance
♦ Harmonic/inter harmonic synthesis
♦ AC Load Mode, DC Load Mode
♦ Compliance tests incl. LVRT /Phase Jump/Frequency variation/harmonic injection
♦ Supported regulatory testing include IEC61000-4-11/4-13/4-14/4-28 etc.
♦ Provide rich trigger configuration, synchronous capture of the voltage waveform of the object to be measured, to achieve data acquisition and simulation functions
♦ Optional software can help complete the pre-compliance standards test of civil avionics/electrical ships interms of the multi-national safety regulations.

Load Features

♦ Regenerative full 4-Quadrant AC&DC load
♦ Frequency: 16-500Hz
♦ AC mode supports CC/CP/CR/CS/CC+CR/CE multiple operating modes, and CE mode can simulate a variety of circuit topologies such as single-phase rectifier RLC and shunt RLC.
♦ DC mode supports 9 working modes such as CC/CR/CP/CV
♦ AC mode supports both rectified and non-rectified modes
♦ Adjustable crest factor: 1.414 ~ 5.0
♦ Support phase shift function in the range of -180º~180º 
♦ The unit power factor1 function allows the current waveform to vary with the voltage waveform and the power factor is as close to 1 as possible
♦ Supporting unloading angle control, 0-359° adjustable

Functions and Advantages

All in One unit

IT7900P series regenerative grid simulator integrates 3 products, a grid simulator(IT7900), an AC/DC power supply (IT7800) and a regenerative AC/DC load (IT8200).

All in 4-Quadrant output unit

IT7900P series regenerative grid simulator is not only a full four-quadrant power grid simulator, but also a full four-quadrant AC/DC electronic load. It can operate in all four quadrants. The efficient energy regeneration function makes it good for testing the frequency change of grid-connected PV inverters, voltage transients and anti-islanding protection.


Power Amplifier Mode for PHIL (Power Hardware in the Loop) Application

The IT7900EP series regenerative grid simulator can be used as a power amplifier to complete power hardware in the loop (PHIL) applications for microgrids, energy storage and new energy vehicles. The digital I/O or a standard suite of analog signal can be input via an external analog interface (optional) and then amplified without distortion to a real power waveshape with an external analog response time of less than 100us.


Build-In Pre-compliance Testing Standards

According to industry standards, IT7900P series has built-in regulation standards such as IEC 61000-4-11/4-13/4-14/4-28, IEC61000-3-2/3-12. These regulations can be recalled directly. You can also customize the test items required by regulations too.


High power regeneration efficiency

Whether it is used as a grid simulator or a load, in AC or DC mode, the IT7900EP regenerative grid simulator is high efficiently power regenerative. The energy generated by the DUT can be fed back to the local grid instead of dissipating in the form of heat, which is good for energy-saving and environment protection.

Build-In Anti-islanding RLC Load Mode

To meet the certification test of anti-islanding effect for grid-tied products, the IT7900P series regenerative grid simulator provide a professional anit-islanding test mode. Users can adjust RLC parameters or configure the parameters of active power and reactive power to achieve the effect of simulating purely resistive or nonlinear grid loads, and further verify the anti-islanding protection response time of grid-tied DUTs under different equivalent impedances, three-phase load balancing and non-balancing conditions. The solution helps engineers to simplify the test circuit and cost savings of additional equipment such as RLC load and power meter.


Data acquisition and simulation

IT7900EP series regenerative grid simulator integrates an advanced data acquisition system based on digital signal processor, and provides measurement and waveform analysis functions of a digital oscilloscope, a power meter and a digital multimeter. Its current measurement accuracy is as high as 0.1%+0.2%FS, and the voltage measurement accuracy is as high as 0.1%+0.1%FS. 6 oscilloscope curves can be displayed at the same time, which not only saves the cost, but also saves the time for wiring connection. The trigger configuration of IT7900P can synchronously capture the voltage waveform of the DUT, and realize the functions of data acquisition and simulation. The user can import the collected abnormal voltage data of thepower grid into the IT7900P regenerative grid simulator to reproduce the power grid status, set the repetition times, offset and other parameters of the waveform.

Simulate power grid and low voltage ride through (LVRT) testing

Low voltage ride-through refers to the ability of the power generation system to continue to operate without disconnecting from the grid within a certain range of voltage drop when the grid fault or disturbance causes a voltage drop, and even provides a reactive power to help the system recover the voltage. You can edit the test parameters under LVRT condition. With the fast response, it can fully meet the test requirements of LVRT. At the same time, the IT7900P series regenerative grid simulator has the function of arbitrary waveform. With the LIST function, it can edit and simulate various grid disturbance waveforms through the panel or software, such as instantaneous power failure, surge and voltage rise and fall.