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ITECH IT-E500 Power Dissipator For IT6500C Series

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With the Power Dissipater, Loading Capability Is Expanded

The IT-E500 Series power dissipator provides greater discharge capacity for the IT6500C. Each IT-E500 series power dissipater unit provides up to 3kW power sinking capability for the IT6500C series power supply. To meet higher power discharging test demand, multiple power dissipater units’ can be paralleled. The IT-E500 series power dissipater unit can extend the current sinking capability to 100%, 200%, 300% of the source range and the power sinking capability up to 300% of the Power sourcing capability. Max. Power sink is 90kW. Meeting demanding requirements of high power discharging test.

  • Power range up to 3kW
  • Support multiple power dissipators in parallel, which can meet the discharge test requirements up to 90KW
  • Current sinking capability to 100%, power sinking capability up to 300%
  • Option only for IT6500C

Now, Here’s the Technical Bit…Such As Rise Time etc.

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