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IT-M3300 Series Regenerative DC Electronic Load - Rexgear
IT-M3300 Series Regenerative DC Electronic Load - Rexgear
IT-M3300 Series Regenerative DC Electronic Load - Rexgear
IT-M3300 Series Regenerative DC Electronic Load - Rexgear
IT-M3300 Series Regenerative DC Electronic Load - Rexgear
IT-M3300 Series Regenerative DC Electronic Load - Rexgear
IT-M3300 Series Regenerative DC Electronic Load - Rexgear
IT-M3300 Series Regenerative DC Electronic Load - Rexgear

IT-M3300 Series Regenerative DC Electronic Load

IT-M3300 regenerative DC electronic load can not only simulate various load characteristics, but also can feed back electrical energy to the local grid instead of heat. With high power density design, it can provide up to 800W power absorption with tiny body of only 1U half-rack. Its flexible modular architecture design can meet the test requirement of customers with different current and power. At the same time, it has high-precision output and measurement, and has made a number of safety designs for the test. It is suitable for test applications such as various types of battery discharge, multi-channel power supply, and semiconductor aging.

Model Options


Product Features

♦ 1U half rack, high power density
♦ Battery discharge test
♦ High efficient power regeneration
♦ 8 operating modes :CC/CV/CP/CR/CV+CC/CC+CR/CV+CR/CV+CC+CP+CR
♦ Independent control of multi-channels, implement synchronization or proportional tracking
♦ Parallel connection, up to 16 units
♦ High-speed measurement, keep 10 times / s update rate even connecting 16 stand-alone units
♦ Adjustable current rise/fall time
♦ List programming
♦ Various protection such as OCP/UCP/OVP/UVP/OPP, over heat protection, grid fault protection and fault storage, foldback,Power-off protection, sense abnormal protection
♦ Temperature measurement function, over temperature protection
♦ Automatic detection of power grid state to realize reliable grid connection
♦ Precharge function to prevent overshoot of DC loading current
♦ Anti-reverse protection function by optional IT-E118
♦ Five optional interfaces, supporting RS232, CAN, LAN, GPIB, USB_TMC, USB_VCP、RS485, analog and IO communication

Functions and Advantages

1U half rack, mini size
IT-M3300 has mini size of 1U half rack and is able to output 800W. It has not only the high density but also the high resolution, accuracy, stability and etc. The output voltage can reach 600V and the output current can reach 30A. There’re 12 models for IT-M3300 series, with design of wide range output, with one unit, it can cover a wide range of application requirements.
Module design, flexible combination
IT-M3300, with module design, without additional spare parts, it can be stacked as easy as the toy bricks. With IT-E154 rack installation kit, users can easily install one or multiple instruments into a standard 19-inch cabinet.

High energy recovery efficiency
IT-M3300 has energy recovery function, which can feedback power back to local AC grid. The regeneration efficiency can be up to 90%, which greatly reduces the user's electricity cost. It also avoids the using of cooling systems and reduces noise.

Electricity accumulation, high energy saving effect
IT-M3300 uses power electronic conversion technology to recycle the output energy of the power supply under test under the premise of completing the test power experiment. Through the internal high-speed voltage and current sampling, the user can directly view the current total amount of feedback on the instrument panel. The IT-M3300 is equipped with temperature measurement function as standard. With an optional temperature sensor, you can also directly view the external measurement temperature.

Multi-channel independent control, maximum 256 channels
IT-M3300 series is provided with independent multi-channel design.The channel sequence will be displayed when it combines to be a multi-channel electronic load system. The user can control each unit independently by GUI software when connecting the communication interface of one unit with PC. Each channel can be operated separately. IT-M3300 series supports maximum 16*16 channels. One 37U rack contains 64 channels. The user may test DUT with different power ranges by parallel connection, making tests more flexible and device usage more efficient.

Battery simulation
Battery charger will monitor the voltage of battery after battery charger is connected to battery, If the connection is correctly, the battery charger comes into charge state. In Battery Sim mode, users can set analog voltage of battery, and can output low current, to simulate battery state. It can satify working demand of battery charger, which can be applied to discharging test of battery charger.

Multiple operation mode
IT-M3300 provides CC/CV/CP/CR four basic operation mode.

Battery discharge test The battery discharge function of IT-M3300 allows you to proceed the discharge test of battery under CC mode.3 cut off conditions can be set, including voltage, capacity and discharge time. When any of the three conditions are met, it will automatically stop the test. The battery voltage, discharge time and discharged capacity can be monitored during the test.