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Module/Pack Battery Cycler - Rexgear
Module/Pack Battery Cycler - Rexgear
Module/Pack Battery Cycler - Rexgear
Module/Pack Battery Cycler - Rexgear
Module/Pack Battery Cycler - Rexgear
Module/Pack Battery Cycler - Rexgear

Module/Pack Battery Cycler

REXGEAR provides comprehensive self-developed battery testing solution, including power supply, electronic load, internal resistance tester, temperature acquisition, industrial PC and other equipment. With professional battery test software, you can test the cell, pack, module, etc. of various types of batteries, such as battery life testing of low-power life science instruments, effective working condition simulation of battery packs in electric vehicles, energy storage equipment testing and simulation in grid-connected, comprehensive alarm and protection testing of train battery packs, multi-channel battery packs Independent, parallel testing, etc., we provide efficient battery solutions for new energy vehicles, photovoltaic micro grids, IOT, mobile, electric tools and other fields.

High Speed Optical Fiber Parallel Technology

Optical fiber transfer between master and slave, guarantee perfect performance of anti-interference. The parameters will not change after parallel connection Flexible parallel connect different power cabinet (ex: 144kW, 108kW, 54kW...) and the maximum power can parallel up to 2MW Adopt Optical fiber isolation technology, effective protection of the device and DUT Calibration is not requested after parallel connection

Modular and Scalable

With the power regeneration function,feed back up to 95% power instead of consuming it as heat. It not only save your cost of electricity, HVAC and cooling infrastructure, but also help to reduce carbon emission and impact on the environment.

3 in One Product (Battery Cycler, Battery Simulator, Solar Array Simulator)

Build-In Test Curves Automotive electronics may often encounter power transients during vehicle start-up and operation. To ensure that the device under test can withstand these actual transients, the tester must simulate worst-case power transient conditions during the test. According to the relevant standards of the industry, the IT6000B has built in partial voltage curves LV123, LV148, DIN40839, ISO-16750-2, SAEJ1113-11,LV124 and ISO21848.The User can directly recall the vehicle's starting voltage drop, various automotive electronic tests, pulse waveforms and other related automotive electronics for performance tests. Available voltage grades in 12V, 24V and 48V voltage levels.

Multi-Channel Battery Cycler

High Power Multi-Channel Solution Compact design, power up to 18kW in 3U space Voltage range: 80V/300V/500V/800V/1500V/2250V Current range:+/-2040A Power range:+/-18W (Parallel up to 2MW)

Low Power Multi-Channel Battery Cycler

Compact design, power up to 800W in 1U space Voltage range: 60V/150V/300V Current range:+/-30A Power range:+/-800W

Solutions Overview

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