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Motor Drive Inverter Test Solution - Rexgear
Motor Drive Inverter Test Solution - Rexgear

Motor Drive Inverter Test Solution

Motor Drive Inverter Test Solution
Regenerative PWM Electric Motor Emulator

The EME series motor simulator is a new type of power electronics device with integrated motor & load simulation, containingdynamic mathematical models and load models for various types of motors ( permanent magnet synchronous motorPMSM, asynchronous motor ASM, etc.) The main c ircuit utilises high speed power switching devices and the control an dmodel computing units utilise multi-core high speed processors, allowing accurate simulation of motor and load characteristicsunder all types of working conditions and PWM variable frequency drive conditions. Ideal for the R&D process,off-line and certification testing of motor controllers and general frequency converters.


Product Features

♦Bidirectional energy flow
♦Fault simulation
♦High-speed data storage and export
♦Accurate simulation of motor characteristics& high dynamicity testing
♦Serve as an AC power supply under synchronousgenerator mode
♦Emulate the working conditions of both permanent magnet synchronous motor & asynchronous motor
♦No vibration & low noise
♦Protection for DUT(device under test)
♦Standard communication interfaces
♦Response time ≤ 1ms

Motor Controller Test System