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Preen PAS-F Series Bidirectional AC Power Grid Simulator

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4 Quadrant Regenerative Grid Simulator

For testing grid-tied devices up to 2MVA. Support new UL1741-SA standard tests.

We deliver custom/special order Preen power supply while maintaining the original warranty.

Grid Support Features

Power curtailment

Frequency control P(f)

Reactive power injection (VAR)

Fault ride through or Low voltage ride through

Full dynamic grid support


UL 1741/IEEE 1547 Test & Verification

Fully automatic execution of all the procedures specified in IEEE-1547 & IEEE-1547.1:

IEEE 1547.1-5.2 response to abnormal voltage conditions

IEEE 1547.1-5.3 response to abnormal frequency conditions

IEEE 1547.1-5.4 synchronization test

IEEE 1547.1-5.6 DC injection test

IEEE 1547.1-5.7 anti-islanding test

IEEE 1547.1-5.9 open phase test

IEEE 1547.1-5.10 reconnect test

IEEE 1547.1-5.11 harmonics test

PAS Series product is developed for renewable energy related applications. It can simulate the various grid conditions and related test standards. Especially the voltage or frequency transient simulation test feature, it is suitable for production, quality verification, research and development.It also builds in with Low Voltage Ride Through Test (LVRT) test function, step mode and gradual mode programmable capability.

PFV Series is a new generation of programmable AC power supply, with four quadrant energy feedback function. This unit not only provides power to the EUT, but also sinks the power back to the grid system which is useful for grid tie devices testing applications. The maximum output power for PAS series is up to 2000kVA (2MVA). The output voltage range is 0~300VL-N and the standard output frequency is 45~65Hz continuously adjustable (optional 40~70Hz).










  • Laboratory/Certification Bureau

  • Electric Vehicles

  • Renewable Energy

  • Motor & Compressor

  • PAS has built-in low voltage ride through (LVRT) mode, which can be easily used for simulating the voltage drop test according to different test standards.
  • PAS feeds energy back into the grid system for saving energy and sinking the power from grid tie devices (regenerative).
  • PAS series is suitable for standard verification. For example: UL 1741, IEEE 1547, BDEW, and CEI 0-16 etc.
  • Three phase independent voltage adjustment is suitable for three phase unbalance testing or multiple single phase test units. It also equips with phase angle adjustment.
  • Standard RS-232, RS-485 communication interface, optional GPIB, Ethernet and USB.
  • With 7 inch LCD touch screen display, it can display output voltage, current, frequency, active/apparent power, power factor, test information at the same time.
  • More protection mechanism, detect output undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent, over load , input undervoltage/overvoltage, over temperature…etc. 20 fault conditions and record 255 operation and alarm information for troubleshooting and analysis.
  • Step or gradual mode programmable memories can be used for simulate abnormal power condition and run in automatically sequences, which allows you to setup different voltage and frequency in each steps for your power simulation requirements.

Regenerative Function

PAS series is a four-quadrant AC power source which is capable to be a power source or sink the power from the EUT back to the grid system with 90% efficiency. It is suitable for PV Inverter test, EV charger test or other grid tie devices test. Build in with Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT) test graph and it is very suitable for UL 1741 SA, IEEE-1547 or BDEW 2009 related standards compliance test.

Product Features

  1. Excellent regulation: Load regulation is less than 1%
  2. High efficiency: Efficiency up to 92%
  3. High output power quality:
    • Clean output sinewave and low impact to the input grid system
    • THD (harmonic distortion) < 2%
    • ITHD (input current harmonic) < 5%
    • PF (input power factor) 0.99
  4. Built-in features: LVRT/HVRT simulations
  5. Four quadrant AC source: Capable to regenerate and recycle power

Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT)

Built-in Fault Ride Through or Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT) mode can simulate the grid in abnormal conditions. The settings include rated voltage, frequency, drop voltage, recovery voltage, rise time and drop time to simulate various grid conditions.

A Variety of Built-in Programmable Features

PAS/PFV series has a number of programmable features that can effectively and accurately simulate a variety of power abnormal conditions or disturbance. Through the built-in step and gradual mode, users can simulate voltage and frequency single-step or continuously changes, such as voltage and frequency ramp up/ ramp down, instantaneous changes, and so on. Phase angle and three phase independent adjustment function can be used for simulating three phase imbalance and further test the reliability of the EUT. With low voltage ride through and regenerative function, PAS series is suitable for PV Inverter, Bi-directional EV charger, Energy Storage System as an all purpose grid system simulator.

Model Comparison

Series PAS AFV

General mode



Step mode



Gradual mode



Soft start function



Three phase independent adjustment



Phase angle setting



Low voltage ride through (LVRT)


Not available

Regenerative function



Ordering Info

PAS-F Series Three Phase Output (45kVA - 200kVA)

Model Description

PAS-F 33030

Regenerative Grid Simulator (30kVA/300V/45-65Hz, Including LVRT Testing)

PAS-F 33045

Regenerative Grid Simulator (45kVA/300V/45-65Hz, Including LVRT Testing)

PAS-F 33060

Regenerative Grid Simulator (60kVA/300V/45-65Hz, Including LVRT Testing)

PAS-F 33075

Regenerative Grid Simulator (75kVA/300V/45-65Hz, Including LVRT Testing)

PAS-F 33100

Regenerative Grid Simulator (100kVA/300V/45-65H, Including LVRT Testing)

PAS-F 33120

Regenerative Grid Simulator (120kVA/300V/45-65Hz, Including LVRT Testing)

PAS-F 33150

Regenerative Grid Simulator (150kVA/300V/45-65Hz, Including LVRT Testing)

PAS-F 33200

Regenerative Grid Simulator (200kVA/300V/45-65Hz, Including LVRT Testing)

PAS-F 33300

Regenerative Grid Simulator (300kVA/300V/45-65Hz, Including LVRT Testing)

PAS-F 33400

Regenerative Grid Simulator (400kVA/300V/45-65Hz, Including LVRT Testing)

PAS-F 001

Soft Start Function

PAS-F 002

GPIB Interface

PAS-F 003

Ethernet Interface

PAS-F 004

USB Interface

PAS-F 005

Output Frequency 40-70Hz

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