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RWI Series Walk-in Temperature Humidity Test Chamber
RWI Series Walk-in Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

RWI Series Walk-in Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

RWI Series Walk-in Chamber 4~55 m3 (141 to 1942 ft3)

REXGEAR extensive experience in customizing design walk-in environmental chambers based on UUT size, weight, material, temperature and humidity range, temperature rising/cooling time and space limitation. RWI series was designed for modular assembly and disassembly that can be easily installation on site. It is suitable for batches of samples (UUT) or large-scale UUT to simulate the impact of different climatic conditions for testing the performance and endurance of the product




Testing Standards


Energy Saving Cooling System

Traditional Cooling Refrigeration compressor start and stop control temperature which may cause temperature fluctuations, reducing compressor life. Also, continuous refrigeration compressor operation and heating output balance control (cooling capacity and heating phase offset to achieve temperature dynamic balance) may waste a lot of energy and electricity bill.

RWI series walk-in chamber operates the heating and cooling system according to the temperature demand inside the box, PID control the solenoid valve switch between output cooling capacity and heating beeper (cooling without heating or heating without cooling) In the low temperature working state, the heater does not participate in the work, and the refrigerant supply amount is adjusted by PID control. The three-way flow regulation of the refrigeration pipeline, the cold bypass pipeline, and the hot bypass pipeline are used for controlling the temperature of the working chamber in constant temperature.


Safety Options:

♦ Three Layer Warning Light
♦ Smoke Detector
♦ CO2 Fire Extinguisher
♦Armored non-spark heater
♦Teflon painted Non-spark blower
♦Poisonous or flammable Gas(CO or HC, etc) Detector
♦Spark or fire detector
♦ Extended Temperature Range
♦ Extra Head Rising Time
♦ Water Cooling



• Customized sizes available according to UUT size and space limitation
• -60°C ~ +120°C models available (Optional for higher range)
• 10% to 95% Relative Humidity (Optional for higher range)
• 7” color touch screen programmable controller
• Heavy duty castors to allow easy movement
• Large viewing window with fluorescent light  
• Refrigeration system uses world known reliable components  
• Communication Interface: USB, RS-232, RS485, LAN  
• Customized chamber size is available  
• Internal material adopts stainless steel 304  
• Multiple safety protection procedure (Compressor overload protection, compressor overpressure protection, compressor motor overheat protection, control system over temperature protection, circulation fan overload protection and so on


On-Site Installation and Calibration Service:

REXGEAR offer on-site commissioning installation and calibration service for walk-in temperature chamber. Customers may prepare the electricity, chiller, or water tower according to the chamber’s requirements. All the repair and service is based in Irvine, California.


Reliability and Safety: